Monday, June 21, 2021

Salmon Teppanyaki Rice

Yesterday was Father's Day and I served my wonderful father of my kids to a homecooked Salmon Teppanyaki Rice which he has been craving for since this Covid 19 pandemic started. We had planned to travel to Kuala Lumpur more often to our favourite place for this Japanese Iron pan grilled Salmon Rice. But the pandemic has made us shelved the idea and thus I have to try replicating it by cooking on cast iron pan. I am very happy with the result. One of the most important ingredient is the crispy garlic slices. And grilling the salmon on the iron pan makes a whole lot of difference. The salmon fillet is juicy, crisps on the outside and moist inside with the salmon flavour trapped in. I stir fried the homesprouted beansprouts on the hot iron pan. Wow, it is truly authentic in taste and look. I am happy I have served the hubby what he has been craving for all this while. And the crispy garlic slices make it more delicious. A well deserved dinner for my hubby, the Meat Eater, the Wild Boar and the wonderful  Father of my kids.
cooked and served in the cast iron pan Lodge that I love very muchie. I have been using this pan for 5 years already.

the beansprouts are homesprouted, so proud of myself 😆
the beansprouts are crunchy and tasty when cooked on the cast iron pan
one of the most important ingredient is the crispy garlic slices...makes the beansprouts more tasty and fragrant
one of the best thing I learned from this pandemic stay home project is sprouting my own beansprouts.

Hope you guys enjoyed your Father's Day with your loved one at home.
I know I had fun making this Salmon Teppanyaki Rice for my beloved hubby

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