Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Homebaked Walnut Raisin Rolls

I love baking bread buns and I will prepare a day before hand these mouthwatering and easy to make bread rolls , so that they will be in time for our breakfast the next day. Packed with toasted walnuts and raisins. Buttery soft texture. Every bite there are walnuts and sweet raisins. I used the same recipe as the hot cross buns I made in April for Easter Sunday.
I top the roll with a walnut

Roll dough into a rectangular shape, brush softened butter on surface, sprinkle walnuts and raisins evenly on surface and roll into a Swiss roll, pinch edges
make sure the nuts and raisins are evenly spread out
Use a finger to make a dent in the center 
and if the dent remains ,then the dough is ready for use

Recipe for walnut and raisin roll is same as the hot cross buns I made for Easter Sunday except I added toasted walnut and raisins and shaping is as Swiss roll.

Dough Recipe
280 gm Japanese High Protein Flour
150 ml fresh milk
1egg (55gm)
100 gm black raisins
30gm castor sugar
1/4tsp salt
5gm instant yeast
1/8 tsp cinnamon powder
1/8 tsp nutmeg powder
30gm unsalted butter

Softened butter for spreading on
Toasted walnuts

Using an electric mixer with dough hook, mix all the ingredients together except butter till well combined. Add in butter and continue to knead till dough leave the side of bowl. Take out and knead manually for another 5 mins. Place dough in a mixing bowl and leave it to proof for 60 mins.
Knock down dough and roll out flat into a 1/4 inch thick rectangular size. Brush on softened butter and sprinkle toasted walnuts and raisin evenly on surface. Roll from the longest side exactly like making a Swiss roll . Pinch end edges. Cut into 6 equal parts. Place on a greased tray. Top the surface with walnut for deco purposes. Bake in a preheated oven for 25 mins to 30 mins  @180C
Once it golden brown, take out and brush on maple syrup for a glossy look.

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