Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Malaysian/ Singaporean Chicken Curry Puffs

Tea homemade Malaysian/ Singaporean Chicken Potato Curry Puffs and Gryphon Coba Cabana Tea . Curry puffs packed with tasty curry potato and chicken meat fillings and a cup of Coba Cabana Tea which is a deliciously tangy marriage of juicy tropical fruits plus organic lemon Myrtle,basil and mint makes our afternoon tea time worth waiting for. Hubby and I prefer the original curry puffs and not the spiral type of pastry. Anyway, I googled and found this recipe by YouTuber The Meatmen Channel.  Watch the step by step tutorial on making this curry puffs from scratch and I knew I had to try it as it looks good. No regrets, it is indeed very good, very near to the original one except it uses butter instead of margarine. The fillings , I omitted the egg as I will be making a batch for freezing. During this pandemic time, hubby tends to be hungry at odd hours ,so having frozen curry puffs will serve as emergency food.

the puff pastry turns out crunchy and delicious for this curry puff
and it gives a very nice golden color after deep frying

I made a half recipe and managed to get 9 pieces. Fried 4 pieces and kept the rest in freezer
the dough is easy to handle thus making wrapping up easy
it is best to prepare the fillings a day earlier so as not to tire one out

Click link below for the tutorial video
on how to make these delectable curry puffs

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