Friday, June 25, 2021

Chicken Feet With Chilli Oil Dressing

I am a fan of chicken feet. Many people will find it a gross to eat them but to me it is a delicacy. I was looking for new ideas how to cook them . I came upon this YouTubers and I love how he prepared them. He even teaches how to deboned the feet. I tweaked it a bit by adding less soy sauce and replace vinegar with black vinegar instead . This dish serves as a side dish or appetizer. Can be served chilled or warm. A keeper for sure. Recipe link is at the end of this post.
this is the most delicious delicacy I have made of chicken feet

flavours packed and the springy texture
to die for
follow the you tube video step by step
on how to debone the feet, easy 
soak the cooked feet in ice cold water 
for a more springy texture

Recipe link

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