Sunday, May 9, 2021

Pandan Leave Wrapped Chicken

Chicken wrapped in Pandan leaves taste really good. The scent of pandan wafting out of the wok while it was frying in hot oil makes me happy. Pandan leaves /screwpine leaves have a naturally sweet taste and soft aroma Its flavour is strong, described as grassy with hints of rose, almond, and vanilla, verging on coconut. That is why chicken cooked wrapped in pandan leaves taste good as the aroma of pandan leaves is infused into the hot oil and being absorbed into the chicken meat. What a great way to cook chicken meat in little parcels the Asian way. The chicken can be marinated with any spices or aromatic but I like to keep it simple with just turmeric powder and shallots plus seasoning (salt,pepper and sugar) and corn starch so as not masking the aroma of the pandan leaves.

great presentation when serving especially when you have guests

a great way of cooking chicken meat wrapped in pandan leaves - flavours plus presentation
the aroma of the pandan leaves is infused into hot oil while cooking and absorbed into the chicken meat
you can goggle YouTube on how to wrap the chicken meat with the leaves

a must have plants on my balcony served as a decorative plant plus serve as an ingredient for my cooking 

Ingredients for the marinade
Turmeric powder
Chopped shallots
White Pepper

Large pandan leaves - wash clean and wipe dry with paper towel

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