Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Homecooked Kimchi Ottogi Ramen Sari Noodle Soup

Today we had this homecooked Kimchi Ottogi Ramen Sari Soup . I cooked the Kimchi broth with my homemade kimchi ( aged kimchi is best for soup), gochujang paste,fish sauce and sesame oil .Threw in whatever leftovers from previous cooking - the Korean luncheon meat, Korean King Oyster Mushrooms and Homegrown Water Spinach (3rd harvest) and an egg is must. Bought the plain Ottogi Ramen Sari online a month ago. SOP the whole box, thus now only can feast on them 😁

an egg is a must have in Ramen noodle soup and not overcooked

the ramen takes about 3 mins to cook
I like it springy yet soft
 a brick of uncooked ramen weighs 110gm
ingredients that I used to cook this kimchi ramensari noodle soup
homegrown water spinach...just enough for my noodle soup 😜

Soup Base
Chicken Broth
Aged Kimchi
Gochujang paste
Fish sauce
Roasted sesame oil
Chilli flakes *optional
Salt to taste
Ottogi Ramen Sari
Adds on
Korean Luncheon Meat
Water Spinach
Korean King Oyster Mushrooms
Roasted Seasoned Seaweed 
Roasted Sesame seeds

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