Monday, May 3, 2021

Homemade Fresh Pasta With King Oyster Mushroom

Yesterday in the mood to make fresh pasta and we had a wonderful meal. Sunday pasta night. I roast half a chicken breast the hubby and also whipped up a Japanese Potato Salad to go with the Roast meat.  For the fresh pasta recipe,I used Gennaro's recipe. I have put up the recipe for the ratio of flour and the numbers of eggs used in my previous post. I cooked a simple one by simply sauted lots of garlic slices, add in slices of King oyster mushrooms with olive oil, add in mixed herbs. Once aromatic, add in the cooked pasta and give it a quick stir. Add in the water used to cook the pasta to have a thicken sauce. Add a tbsp of oyster sauce for taste. Dish up and serve with side dishes  of  Roast meat and Japanese Potato salad. I will post up the recipe for the Japanese Potato Salad in my coming post. Stay tuned for it. The most delicious potato salad I have made. The hubby loves it and had servings after servings of the pasta and salad. Our happy Sunday meal.

fresh pasta with any mushroom with taste as good, for today I used King oyster mushrooms

love the texture of real Italian Pasta somehow homemade is our preferred choice if I am not lazy to make them

For the recipe on how to make your own Italian fresh pasta check out Gennaro's YouTube channel.

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