Monday, May 24, 2021

Homecooked Shihlin Street Snack Oyster Mee Sua

Breakfast this morning is truly awesome. I managed to replicate the Shihlin Oyster Mee Sua....85%there...I have some Frozen Korean Oysters bought from Midori in the chest freezer. Still so fresh. Cravings fixed. An awesomely great breakfast from home. Homegrown Sawtooth coriander garnishing makes it even tastier and not to forget that homemade XO sauce 😋. The black vinegar I used in the chicken broth is the Orchid brand..not bad. 

sawtooth coriander and XO sauce as garnishing
I managed to replicate the taste to 85%
not bad


Soup base
Chicken broth
black soy sauce
Black vinegar
Corn starch thickening
Salt to taste

Egg omelette - cut into fine strips
Sawtooth coriander- chopped
Korean Oysters -marinate with cooking wine
XO sauce


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