Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Clam Soup Chinese Style

Last weekend , we went to Jaya Grocer @ Ipoh Parade. It was our first time stepping into Jaya Grocer since its opening. We heard so much about it but have yet to pay a visit and last weekend, we made it. It is big and they have a wide range of imported ingredients for bakers like me :p  and what I like is they have a section where you can order your food and chill out there.  Fresco offers roast chicken, roast beef, pies set that comes with mashed potato and coleslaw and the food is really delicious. Glad that had our lunch there and WB loves their beef set :) I ordered the roast chicken for myself :p

Sorry, I have side tracked...hehehe when it comes to food, I get side tracked easily.  Okay, back to Jaya Grocer, they have a section selling seafood.  I checked out the area and gosh, I saw clams...fresh and huge. I could not resist and bought 1/2 kg back.  I came back and cooked clam soup chinese style coz I need to finish my bottle of rice wine in the fridge.

The clams were fresh and ohlala...the soup was so sweet..natural sweetness from the clams. Wild Boar bought a loaf of wholemeal baguette from Jaya Grocer and we both had baguette and clam soup for dinner. I got drunk on the sweetness of the clams and the rice wine helped the tipsy feel :p

Sorry for the bad photos...I am still learning how to use the camera to my benefits...hahaha I am slow in learning new tricks...as the saying goes..teaching old dogs to do new tricks. It sure takes some time but not to worry, I promised to keep going on...NEVER GIVE UP, one day, I will reap a harvest of blessings ! And give my readers good food photography. Hang on ya ! :) love you guys for always dropping by.

two bowls of clam soup for dinner...yummy

awesome flavor and so yummy good

homegrown dills ...add flavor to the soup

Clam Soup Chinese Style

1/2 kg clams - soak in salt water for 1 min, rinse and drip dry
4 big fresh white button mushrooms- wash and cut into quarters
1 tsp of grapeseed oil/ vegetable oil
a drop of sesame oil

5 slices of ginger
1/4 cup rice wine
600 ml water
salt to taste
a sprig of dill for soup and garnishing


Heat up  a tsp of grapeseed oil and sesame oil in a deep soup pot, add in slices of ginger and saute till fragrant, pour 600 ml water and close lid. Once it is boiling, add in the clams and button mushrooms. Close lid and once the clams opens up, add in the rice water and salt to taste. Add in dill, once it boils, Off heat and serve hot. Garnish with extra dill.


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