Sunday, March 20, 2016

Homecooked Rich Tomato Seafood Soup And Foccacia By The Son-In-Law :)

Rich Tomato Seafood Soup And Foccacia cooked and baked by the son-in-law.   The Foccacia he made was soft and oh so yummy good.  The rich tomato seafood soup was breathtaking delicious !  It was a blessing indeed that I get to taste the son-in-law's cooking .  My partner-in-crime used to tell me this " oh Mom, you must try his cooking, he is a talented cook ! "  My turn to tell her " you are one lucky wifey to get a hubby who can cook so well "  :)

Well, this recent trip to KL, I was blessed , it was his day off and he cooked these breathtaking delicious tomato seafood soup and foccacia. I had two helpings :)  Thank you son-in-law for the delicious homecooked meal.  Jo is right, you are indeed a talented cook !  I look forward to more of your cooking :)

the tomato and garlic foccacia is good..really delicious

there are scallops, mussels, prawns, fish fillets
squids in the tomato soup...white wine adds oomphs 
to the soup...yumm!

this rich tomato seafood soup is so tasty and 
every sip is breathtaking delicious !

Enjoy !

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