Thursday, March 17, 2016

Chilled Tofu With Preserved Big Head Vegetable ( 'Tai Tow Choy' ) Topping

You can either steamed the soft tofu and eat it hot or after steaming , chilled the tofu and garnishes with preserved big head vegetable and spring onions and chillies :)  That was what I did with this soft tofu....for a change , I had it cold...a cold dish is great for our crazy hot weather.  You can eat stand alone or served as appetiser.  You can serve this as a cold savory dessert...hehehe it tastes wonderful anyway...try it chilled and tell me if you like chilled savory tofu :)  For me, most important my Wild Boar must loves it and he does .  Easy to prepare and you can say it is a lazy man dish :)

stir fry the preserved big head vegetable till fragrant
and mix together with crispy fried shallots and cut chillies
and serves as garnishes as topping for the chilled tofu

healthy and delicious
I will definitely add more tofu dishes to our meals

Chilled Tofu With Preserved Big Head Vegetable ( 'Tai Tow Choy') Topping


1 slab of soft tofu
1/4 cup of chopped preserved big head vegetable (Tai Tow Choy)
3 shallots- sliced and deep fried till crispy
1 red chilly- sliced
1 stalk of spring onions - sliced
salt to taste

Sprinkle sea salt on slab of soft tofu and steamed for 6 mins.
Remove off water from the tofu dish and wrap with cling wrap.  Chilled in fridge till time
to serve.

Deep fried sliced shallots till crispy - dish up and keep aside
Deep fried chopped preserved big head vegetable till fragrant - dish up and mix together
with the fried shallots.
sliced spring onions
sliced red chilly

Take out the chilled tofu and sprinkle the garnishings on the surface and serve while it is still cold.

Enjoy !


  1. Light yet very flavourful and delicious!

  2. I still prefer the warm tofu even though I have tasted the chilled one before.

  3. hi,,i have not seen tai tow choy can help n show me
    picture of this thank u very much


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