Monday, March 7, 2016

Bali - Hog Wild In Bali "Been Naughty. Now Wild" - Non-Halal post

Josh, my son recommended that it is a must to visit Hog Wild. They have the best bbq pork rack in town and the original Wild Hog is from Bali :) So, a must it will be. We love the ribs so much that we went back for more on our last day in Bali.  It is not only finger licking good, it was cheap too after the conversion of currency :p  One whole rack costs only RM30.  Meaty and it was bbq to perfectly..the meat was tender and juicy. Gosh, writing this post and thinking of the taste makes me really craves for it again and wanting to go back to Bali again :)  

As we entered the place, there were two huge piggies figurines to welcome us..hahaha could not resist but to take a picture of them for our sweet memories that we were here for their famous bbq pork rack.  And many of you know that I love Piggies, the four legged and my own two legged ones LOL! Anyway, we dont have them back home in Malaysia.  I hope they have a franchise in KL in the near future .

their famous must order bbq pork rack

so delicious and I really love their preparation

this whole rack costs only RM30

a big portion but you will be surprised that me , yours truly
can finished the whole rack and yet desired to have another
half a rack hahaha I am a glutton when it comes
to good food :)

watch out dad, the Piggy JO is eyeing your share..
she is like me...a glutton too when it comes to
such delicious bbq pork rack

gluttony aside, they are the best of friends
and she is my best friend and partner- in- crime :)
and also my photography mentor

and this is my Piggy Josh.. our favorite ' tour guide '  for the trip
and my photography tutor during the trip
I learned so much from him where photography is concerned

my two lovely daughters

some fun photogrpahy before the food arrived

and when the food arrived, photography continues :)

nice smile :)

hahaha another fun photography :)

the inside of Hog Wild

we had so much eating at Hog Wild and hope to be able 
to go back for another round of their finger licking
bbq pork racks

Hog Wild In Bali,
Jalan Batubelig,
 41 Keborokan, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia 80361
Tel: +62)361 847 6722

website :


  1. Oh Elin, I am hungry now just looking at the ribs you posted, they look really good! Love the photos and thanks for sharing.

    1. Veron, you are welcome. The ribs are really good :) when I go back again, I will forget about dieting and I will most probably stuff myself to death with the ribs LOL

  2. Wow, salivating for I love pork ribs too!

    1. Hehe I am naughty...make you drool all the time :p


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