Friday, April 1, 2016

Grilled Seafood Open Sandwich

I am sometimes amazed at myself.  I tell myself...I am lazy to cook , have something simple BUT it will always turn out not simple in terms of preparation.  It does look simple but don't be deceived by the appearance of these simple looking open sandwiches. They do entailed a bit of work. Being a fast worker, I whipped this up in an hour. Pan grilled the prawns and sutchi fish fillets while the bread are toasting in the toaster.  And while waiting, I will dice the tomato, red onion and cucumber to serve as salad base for the open sandwiches.  I am amazed that I can  multi task but sometimes I do get food burned while attending some other chores :p

When the prawns and fish fillets are grilled and cooked through, I stir fry the button mushrooms with lots of garlic, using back the same pan that I grilled the seafood...mmmmmm so scent-ous .  I love the smell of grilled prawns....heavenly !  Using the extra chilli flakes from Dominos and McD black pepper for flavoring and a shake of mixed herbs onto the mushrooms , the homey and soul lifting aroma does wonders to stir fried mushrooms.  

I assembled the sandwich with lettuce and the tomato and cucumber salad as base, topped with the mushroom slices and finished with the grilled prawns and fish sandwiches can be most appealing and delicious if you have the right ingredients to serve with.   Each bite is bursting with flavors.  Love it ! And I think I will make more open sandwiches for our dinner. So versatile !  A light and delicious meal and we both ended with a can of  chilled beer each....What say you ?  Given a choice, I would love to cook and eat in :)

ingredients for the open sandwiches
sea prawns, sutchi fish fillets, white button mushrooms,

grilled prawns, grilled fish fillets and 
stir fried mushrooms

diced tomato, cucumber and red onions
mixed with a dash of red wine vinegar
as salad base for the open sandwiches

a light and delicious dinner for two

every bite is bursting with flavors :)

Wild Boar loves the grilled fish
and I love the grilled sea prawns :)

Ingredients :

a few slices of toasted bread - cut diagonally into triangle

coral lettuce - cut into wedges or 'chiffonade'cut
1 tomato - remove seeds and diced
1/4 cucumber - remove seeds and diced
1/2 red onion - diced
1 tsp of red wine vinegar or lemon juice

a few pieces of sea prawns - remove shell, devein and butterfly slit - seasoned with salt and chilli flakes
a piece of sutchi - cut into thick slices - seasoned with salt and black pepper

a tsp of chilli flakes
a tsp dry mixed herbs
salt to taste
a tsp of black pepper

a tbsp of olive oil for grilling prawns and fish fillets

dijon mustard as spread for toast bread


Pan grilled sea prawns and fish fillets on medium heat.  Dish up when cooked.  Stir fry the slices of mushroom using the same pan that was used for the prawns and fish fillets , add in the flavoring ingredients . Once the mushroom is cooked, dish up .

Toast the bread till lightly browned.  Cut diagonally . Spread the toast bread with Dijon mustard. First top with layer of chiffonade lettuce, then tomato and cucumber salad, sliced mushrooms and finish with either grilled prawns or grilled fish fillets.

Enjoy !

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