Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pan Fried Turmeric Chicken

After harvesting some turmeric from the garden ( I love growing my own turmeric in black bags ) WB requested to have his meat pan fried with turmeric.  I have done this many times and seriously one can't get tired of this preparation.  I can cook this everyweek and he will not complain. He loves this preparation !  So be it and I pounded thehomegrown turmeric with shallots and black pepper. Marinate the meat ( it can be chicken, pork or beef ) with the pounded ingredients and add salt and sugar for at least 2 hours. For me, I prefer to marinate the meat overnight so that the meat are deeply flavored by the pounded ingredients .  Before frying , sprinkle some corn flour to the meat for added crispiness.  A very simple dish ,flavorful and finger licking good  :)  

love the crispiness on the outside
and juicy tenderness on the inside,
and every mouthful bursting with turmeric flavor

Pan Fried Turmeric Chicken


2 chicken legs - each leg cut into 4 pieces

2 pieces of fresh turmeric - scrape off skin and cut into slices
4 shallots - peeled and cut into slices
1 tsp of black pepper

Pound (A) coarsely  in a mortar and pestle 

1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt 

1 tbsp of corn flour

3 tbsp of grapeseed oil for pan frying


Marinate the chicken pieces with the pounded (A) mixture for at least 2 hours or overnight in fridge. Before frying, add 1 tbsp of corn flour to the marinated meat.  Heat 3 tbsp of oil in deep frying pan , once oil is hot,  put in the meat and pan fried till meat is cooked and crisps on the outside.  Use a chopstick to pierce through the meat, if juice oozes out is clear, the meat is cooked.  Dish up and serve with rice.



  1. Wow, you grow your own turmeric? That's awesome! I am sure this dish taste fabulous. What's next... pan fried turmeric kembung? Hey I love your idea of serving your chicken on woven pandan leaves, sure brings out the fragrance.

    1. Veron, yea when the chicken are hot just out of the pan...sat on the pandan mild aroma from the hot pandan leaves blends well with the fried turmeric :)

  2. This looks lipsmackingly delicious, Elin. Gotta give it a try too.

    1. Oh yes ..Angie, you must give it a try if you can get fresh turmeric over at your place. If not tumeric powder will do :)

  3. Yummy turmeric chicken. Great for BBQ!


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