Monday, May 2, 2016

Kiam Chai Boi With Roast Pork Trotters

My family loves Kiam Chai Boi with roast pork trotters.  I will normally cook a big pot so that we don't have to fight over this dish LOL!  There is a very famous roast pork stall  near Kg.Simee market that I like to buy from when I don't make my own roast pork.  This man sells roast pork in a mini open truck. He starts selling from  2pm and finishes at 4pm and there will be a long queque for his famous roast pork.  Sold out very fast.  I will make sure I am there early or I will phone the man and place my order a day earlier.

I bought two small sized pork trotters to make Kiam Chai Boi.  Gosh, the hardest part was the washing of the  Gai Choi aka Chinese Mustard. After that, everything was plain sailing. My Philips Pressure Cooker will do the job for me :p   Of course before that ,I will have to stir fry the chinese mustard with the pork trotters and ginger and dried chillies with a tbsp of oil till the chinese mustard start to soften and wilt.  After that, I just have to put the stir fried trotters and chinese mustard into the  PPC, add water or chicken broth to the permitted level in the PPC and some dried tamarind slices.  Add in some salt for taste and set the PPC to KPT for 30 minutes.  This is the easiest to cook dish and it is so appetizing that we can eat it for lunch and dinner and the left overs for the next day lunch and dinner...yes, it is that good :) 

The ready cooked one that are served in the shop are a bit sweet for me.  I have a feeling they add sugar for the sweet taste.  I prefer my own recipe :) Hot and Sour and natural sweetness from the roast trotters :)

my PPC is really good for cooking Kiam Chai Boi 
save time and energy and the food comes out delicious

this is my portion...hahaha bottomless ,can refill and refill :)

I love the roasted trotter cooked in kiam chai boi

when I cooked this, WB is most happy
his all time favorite dish too

Kiam Chai Boi  With Roast Pork Trotters


1 med sized roast pig trotter
2 Chinese mustard 
2 pkt of kiam chai ( from jusco)
9 pieces of dried chillies
5 pieces of dried tamarind slices ( assam poi)
a few slices of ginger
chicken broth or water enough to cover the veggies or maxi level allowed in pressure cooker
salt to taste


Stir fry all the ingredients with a tablespoon of oil in a wok, once the the geens has soften , add in the roast pork and stir fry till well combined. Scoop them into the pressure cooker , add water to the maximum level allowed and set the presure cooker to congee mode KPT 13 mins.  allow the cooker to depressurise before opening the lid and serve hot with rice.



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    1. He said my cooking has improved over the years so he is happy with the meal served :p


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