Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Savory Dried Shrimps Mint Leaves Soup

This is another of my late mom's favorite soup.  I was first introduced to this simple to prepare soup by my mom.  I used to stay in Teluk Intan and my late grandma planted a lot of mint in the backyard of our house near the Sungai Perak many years ago.  Now I am growing them myself too in pots in my small patch which I called my ' sanctuary '.

And mint dishes are often served on our dining table.  Mint leaves omelette and different soup preparation.  But the best is this savoury Dried Shrimps Mint Leaves Soup.  With added bird's eye chillies to it, the soup has some heat to it and it pleases my palate.  This soup has become my kids favorite soup too. You can have it stand alone or served as soup for noodles.  I remembered my mom used to have rice noodles ( beehoon ) with this savory soup.  

Try it and you will agree with me that it is appetizing and delicious too....something very Asian :) 

It uses just dried shrimps, shallots and chillies.  I love the heat so I used bird's eye chillies.  It is heavenly just to slurp down this savory flavored packed soup.  Perfect pairing of mint leaves with dried shrimps, shallots and chillies.  This has been my simple to make soup for the family. Homegrown mint are the best because I get to harvest them at the right time when the leaves are not too old nor young.  The fragrance from the mint is fantastic.

you can just lightly pound the dried shrimps after soaking
together with the shallots and chillies

just these ingredients and you can have the soup with either
rice or rice noodles

Savory Dried Shrimps Mint Leaves Soup
(for 2 persons)


a bunch of mint leaves - washed and drained
1/2 cup of dried shrimps - washed and soaked and lightly pounded
4 shallots - lightly pounded
2 bird's eye chillies - lightly pounded

500 - 600 ml water

salt to taste


Boil 500-600 ml water in deep pan or saucepan.  When water boils, add in the pounded ingredients (A) and continue to let it simmer under medium low heat for 20 mins until it is fragrant. Add salt to taste.  Add in the mint leaves when ready to serve so that the leaves remain green . Over cooking the leaves will not taste good and will lose its nutrients.

Serve with plain rice or rice noodles.

Enjoy !


  1. Hi Elin, your soup sounds delicious with the chillies and dried shrimps in it. I remember when we were young, my mom used to cook mint leaves soup in egg drop soup, just the two ingredients - of course plus some salt. And it made me think that I was drinking Colgate in soup! However I do love mint as garnishing in my curry laksa and assam laksa. Thanks for sharing Elin.

    1. You are welcome :) you must try is really nice . You dont smell just the mint but the dried shrimps and shallots will mask the mint and the young mint wont have too strong a smell :)

  2. In my family, I alone take mint leaves. Its a no, no for the rest of the family.


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