Monday, March 17, 2014

Swiss Button Mushroom And Salmon Pasta

When I am in pasta eating mood, this is what I will prepare for myself and WB.  He is not really a fan of pasta but he is beginning to like pasta the way I cooked them.  All I did was to saute the brown button mushroom slices with garlic and olive oil till fragrant...add in the cooked pasta and stir fry till well combined, add in some freshly ground black pepper , sea salt,  mixed dry herbs and a dash red cooking wine.Lastly add in the pan seared salmon flakes before serving.   Mmmmm, I don't know about you but to me, this is one oh so delicious pasta.  Each mouthful is bursting with woody and sea scent looks like it invlove a lot of work but in actual fact it is easy.  While one stove is cooking the pasta till al dente, the other stove is searing the salmon.  While both are cooking on the stoves,  I sliced the garlic and the fresh mushroom and when the pasta is ready, the salmon is ready too and the garlic and mushrooms are done then.  I am good at multi tasking when it comes to working in the kitchen and the office :p   Thus cooking this is a easy as ABC.  I am thankful that I am on the road to recovery and soon I will be cooking more elaborate dishes :)  

Enjoy !

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