Thursday, March 20, 2014

Poached Chicken With Tangy Ginger Fermented Bean Paste Dip

This is another easy and no fuss chicken dish.  I poached half a chicken and prepared a simple and easy dip for the poached chicken.  And the water used to poach the chicken will be used as soup base. All I did was  cut up some carrots and tomato and add to the soup base.  Add in sea salt and the soup is ready for serving :)   

Colleagues asked me why I bother to cook when it is just for the two of us .  Eating out would be a better solution . But for people who loves cooking , they wouldn't mind putting in a bit of work ...right ?  LOL! and I am one of those who loves cooking.  No matter how lazy I am or how simple the dish is, simple homecooked food is still my number one choice :) 

Poached Chicken With Tangy Ginger Fermented Bean Paste Dip

1 free range chicken - cleaned and towel dry
water enough to cover the chicken

1 tsp of sesame oil

Boil water in a deep pot on high heat to a rolling boil. Put in the chicken and cook the chicken under medium heat for 20 mins.  Take out the chicken and dip the whole chicken into ice cold water for 5-8 mins. Meanwhile , reheat the water till boiling hot . Put in the chicken again and turn off the heat. Leave the chicken in the pot for another 20 mins.  Take out the chicken and rub sesame oil on the surface of the chicken and leave the chicken to cool down before cutting into serving size. Serve the cut chicken with ginger and spring onion dip.

Tangy Ginger Fermented Bean Paste Dip

3 tbsp of fermented bean ( tau cheong paste )- chop fine
1 thumb size ginger - julienne
2 green bird's eye chilli - sliced
1 calamansi juice

Mix the above ingredients together in a sauce bowl and serve chill or room temperature

Enjoy !

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