Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Simple Linguine With Fresh Grey Oyster Mushroom

Yesterday dinner was linguine with oyster mushroom and pan fried threadfins  :) Lazy people like me just love this kind of cooking that doesn't involve much washing.  I love the was sauteed with garlic and olive oil and flavored with sea salt herb ( I bought a bottle of sea salt with herbs from BIG when I was in KL ) and the cooked linguine was put into the pan with the sauteed mushroom and stirred together till well combined.  To make our meal more complete, I pan fried some threadfins ( Ikan Senangin ) , cut some cherry tomatoes and tada, WB and myself had one great pasta dinner.  One healthy and fulfilling dinner :)

love the fresh mushrooms....nom nom nom

the threadfins were fresh and sweet
and the water convolvulus ( kangkung )
were from my garden  :)  I planted some for emergency
like this...when I find any vegetables in the fridge  LOL!

Enjoy !

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