Friday, March 14, 2014

Pan Seared Yellow Fin Sole Fillet With Butter

I know it is not healthy to pan sear fish with butter but somehow fish fillet taste better when pan seared with butter :p  It is something I do indulge in once in a while. Fish and butter goes well :p  Like I always say, everything in moderation.  I saw some frozen yellow fin sole fillet in Jusco and I bought a packet back for WB.  He doesnt like fish because of the bone but if fillet, he doesnt mind.  So to encourage him to eat more fish , I bought these frozen ones back and panseared  them in butter for him.  Simple and yet aromatic with black pepper and sea salt as seasoning.  I added a dash of balsamic vinegar to the fish to give it a sizzle and gosh it tasted delicious. Surprisingly, WB likes the buttery taste of the fish and of course, the balsamic vinegar gave it the special slight tangy flavor...mmmmm the taste was awesome.  Imagine the taste in your mind, buttery, peppery, sea scent and the slight tangy after taste from the balsamic vinegar...mmm I don't need to write on...this is the perfect way to cook these fillet.  

                           the fillets were surprisingly  fresh

texture - succulent and moist
taste - buttery smooth and sea scented
peppery and tangy aftertaste...
love the way this was  prepared  Yummy!

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