Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Small Kucing In Town - Kok Thai Restaurant

Small Kucing and his family came to town last Sunday evening and we ( Claire, Wild Boar and myself ) met up with them and had dinner at Kok Thai Restaurant ( near Jusco , Kinta Valley ).  Small Kucing has grown into such a fine young lad. The last time I saw him was 8 months ago .  He came with his grandparents too :)  It was our second meeting with his grandparents. They are such lovely people and we hope to have more fellowship with the kucing family.  We had a simple dinner and here is a sneak peek into what we had that night.  The one above is the Rolled Pork with edible jellyfish - the restaurant signature dish ,which you have order in advance or you have to either wait for a long time or none at all.  I love this dish !  Read on to see what else we ordered for the night :)

mixed veggie with gingko nuts, macadamia nuts, and large dried shrimps,
lotus roots, sweet peas,  mushroom and asparagus....
this is another signature dish of the restaurant 

Claire recommended this dish...Claypot Braised Seafood Treasure
another signature dish - they have oyster, sea cucumber, sotong, mushroom 
and some thin abalone slices with lots of fatt choy and with a layer of chinese cabbage
at the bottom of the claypot...yummy !  The chinese cabbage absorbed all the
flavorful gravy and it was really delicious to eat the cabbage

and this my favorite too..  Petola with the restaurant homemade egg tofu
the tofu is smooth and soft and the black jelly fungus add a light crunch
to the dish....simple in taste yet delicious

WK is dreaming of the food that is about to be served, 
Kathy is the busy photographer and Small Kucing
is the great mathematician.....
Kathy has no worries...he is good in math despite
his young age.....and a great artist too :)

Looking forward to the next meet up !

Cheers !

*            *            *


  1. LOL...i certainly love the pork belly dish...yummm....first time eat with jelly fish. Love the dip ...cili...sedap

    The food you ordered are delicious. Am surprised at the price too. Thought would be more expensive.

    Thanks again for the treat :)

    1. Yea, the dip sauce is the best, something special :) Thank Claire too for the treat and she is the one who ordered the dishes :) The food is reasonable and delish too. Thanks for the fruits...juicy and WB loves it too. TQ for the fellowship with your inlaws. They are wonderful people :)


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