Monday, February 25, 2013

Onions & Chives Wraps - Sushi Style

Because of the pain I am still having despite the medication ( tennis elbow ), cooking dinner has become quick difficult.  So if we eat in , I will have to think of simple food.  Cooking that doesn't need the heavy wok or pot or washing.  Wild Boar does the washing up now .  Simple meal such as this 'sushi style' wrap is a welcome especially with some left over pan seared salmon.  Healthy and delicious.  I taught Wild Boar how to roll the wraps.  He did a pretty job and I get to eat the rolls without the fillings dropping out :p

I love onions and chives wraps - sold in Jusco
soft and easy to roll them 

whoa.....Wild Boar filled the wrap with so much salmon flakes
( I taught him how to flake the salmon )
and how to make the guacamole ( learnt this from Joanna)
I can see he enjoyed making our asian popiah spring roll

I can't wait to devour them but had to take a few photos 
before I sat down and enjoyed what Wild Boar had prepared for me

this is truly a delicious  meal  !
and thank you Wild Boar for fixing our meal :)

*          *          *


  1. Wish I could have those wraps here but I'm not into chives. Bet they v=have other varieties there, no?

    1. Arthur, they have the plain wholemeal ones too. When Claire goes to Sibu, I will ask her to carry these plain ones to you :)

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