Friday, February 22, 2013

Poached Chicken With Ginger And Spring Onion Dip - CNY Dish

This is one dish that I make often for ourselves during the weekend.  But for our reunion dinner , I added this dish for my Piggies' sake .  They missed eating this homemade version.  I poached one free range chicken for them and I made this very flavorful and tasty dip to go with the chicken.    The thought of this dip makes me craves for it often, so it is not surprising that my Piggies craves for it too.   The main attraction is the dip.  This dip is make up of ginger, onions , spring onions, sea salt and canola oil.   This dip bursts with flavors and leaves a trail of heavenly taste on your tongue... mmmm yummy !  Read on for the recipe...............

Poached Chicken

1 free range chicken - cleaned and towel dry
water enough to cover the chicken

1 tsp of sesame oil

Boil water in a deep pot on high heat to a rolling boil. Put in the chicken and cook the chicken under medium heat for 20 mins.  Take out the chicken and dip the whole chicken into ice cold water for 5-8 mins.  Meanwhile , reheat the water till boiling hot . Put in the chicken again and turn off the heat. Leave the chicken in the pot for another 20 mins.  Take out the chicken and rub sesame oil on the surface of the chicken and leave the chicken to cool down before cutting into serving size. Serve the cut chicken with ginger and spring onion dip.

Ginger And Spring Onion Dip

1 cup of chopped ginger
1/2 cup of chopped onions
1/2 cup of chopped spring onions
sea salt - to taste
canola oil - enough to cover the chopped ingredients

Mix all the chopped ingredients and sea salt together in a deep sauce bowl.  Heat canola oil till smoking.  Pour the hot oil onto the mixed ingredients.  Stir with a chopstick till the oil and chopped ingredients are evenly mixed.  Serve with the poached chicken.

I am submitting this dish to Aspiring Baker #28

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  1. Hi Elin,

    Would like to invite you to submit this chicken dish to my Aspiring Bakers event, the theme for this month is chicken. :)

    Check here


    1. Thanks SSB, will see to it soon . Sorry for the late respond:)


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