Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Love Toast :)

A senior citizen who thinks she is always  '25'  can come up with lots of idea when preparing breakfast for herself or her loved ones :p and this Momsie creature is one creative and a romantic retard person !. I love eating toast bread with half boiled egg or poached eggs....with dashes of pepper and light soy sauce.  I had a good sleep last night thus I woke up  feeling very refreshed and very creative.  I had to let my mind run loose at times and allow it to take control and I came up with this half boiled egg in the heart shaped dent of my toast.  My colleagues all laughed heartily at my breakfast for they find it funny ....LOL! I think it is cute and fun to have my toast and egg presented in such a hearty way ! Christmas is a time of sharing and if you like to be little creative in presenting food to your loved ones...this is one way to show your love :p  It is so COOL !

It is one very simple and cute way of presenting toast and egg....simply toast 2 slices of English Bread in the oven @ 180 C for 10 -15 minutes ( depends how well toasted and brown you want it to be ) take it out and use a medium size heart shaped cookie cutter, cut out the heart on one slice of the toasted bread.

After which, spread a thin layer of Bovril or butter on the uncut toasted slice while it is still hot .  Lay the slice with heart sharp cut out on top of the slice with Bovril spread.  Gently break open the half boiled egg and gently place on the heart shaped dent and give a few shakes of pepper and a dash of light soy sauce on the egg.  Cover back with the heart shaped toast and served hot.  It is best taken while it is still hot... and enjoy the crispness of the toasted bread...mmmm yummilicious and I am sure your loved ones will enjoy this toast prepared with so much love :)  COOL and yet full of warm !

I love my set of heart shaped cookies cutter..and it came in handy when it comes to food presentation. A simple toast and egg and yet it presented so much love for oneself and the family :)  Call me what you like...a romantic or sentimental person....which ever....I am just a simple Momsie who loves to show my love through my food :p

I love my breakfast this morning....nutritious and enriched with love :)
I am a romantic retard ok.....

I opened up my bento and I smiled to myself....what a great breakfast....
egg is my favourite and I only get to
savour it twice a fortnight :)

You can close back with the cut out heart if
 you want to take this to your office BUT
remember it must be eaten  right away
the moment you reach your office

toast and egg for breakfast and the
green apple for my lunch.....this is such a cool but yet warm  breakfast :)

I love all of you great guys who take the trouble to
read  all my posts and leave me
encouraging messages in my comment box and my email
Thank you , this is Love Toast specially created  for all of you :)

*         *         *


  1. what a totally creative way to serve toast and runny eggs! :D

  2. what a sweet packaging of an egg inside toast. It's like a stacked toad in a hole. very cute concept!:)

  3. Ohh how sweet! You are one loving momise Elin, heehee!

  4. I've done egg in toast before but I cracked the raw egg into the bread and toast/bake together. You may view my pics here.

    Thanks for sharing this great idea as I tend to have undercooked eggs when I did it my way. And when I cook it further, the bread gets slightly charred.

  5. Wow so romantic and really you do have fantastic ideas, momsie!!

  6. Thanks for this Love Toast, you are so sweet, hehehe!

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  8. You made the simple toast looks so lovely! Good job!

  9. Oh Elin, I would love to have this for my breakfast. I love runny eggs :)

  10. Ooops! I forgot to say thank you very much for the Stylish Award. I love it!

  11. oh that is SO cute!

  12. Truely a love toast! So adoable :)

  13. so sweet of you (: and is really COOL! (:

  14. Elin, this is SO cute! I don't really eat eggs like that due to the health reasons, BUT I think this would be just as adorable with peanut butter and jelly. I am going to have to surprise my husband with that soon.

  15. Really fun way to have your breakfast. So cute.

  16. romantic. LOL!!! Miang keladi, makin tua makin jadi... Muahahahahaha!!!

    P.S. We stopped by Ipoh on the way up Cameron. Had breakfast in some area around Jayajusco. Mandy says your house somewhere around there.

  17. i can imagine waking up in the morning and see this up on the breakfast table..ooh, that would be so sweet!

  18. Hello to all you lovely people :)

    Thanks for dropping to drool over this hearty toast of mine...simple yet so delish....a great morning treat no doubt :) and thanks so much for dropping me a line here :)

    BeeBee...heehee thanks, not really loving momsie...wicked more like Josh will attest to it :p

    Blessed Homemaker....thanks for sharing yours...I would like to try making them with cheese :)

    Cheah....hahaha getting lovey retarded at times :p

    Sonia....hehehe...even my colleague teased me about it when they saw me eating cute nya and so sweet nya :p They thought my wild boar did it for me LOL! are welcome :) can add in fruits into the heart shaped :)) and drizzle honey over your fruits....great breakfast treat for your hubby :)

    Arthur......what???? so near and yet so far from should have told me you dropping by IPOH!!!! grrrrrr wait I am going to give a word to should email me when you were in Penang for I check my mails every seconds :))) Next time no could have meet up with Jo too :))

    Lena....waiting for your 'tau fu Fah' post....I can't wait to see yours !!!

  19. elin, just posted the tau foo fah and linked it back to yours. thanks so much!!

  20. Looks like the something toad in a basket that Cleffairy made the other day

  21. Lena....glad that you tried out my recipe for the soymilk custard...I told you that you will love it better than funny mountain :p and I was right :p You have done a great job on it :) silky smooth !

    Kathy....haha Claire was on MC so I am without food so I have to bring my own bento and to cheer myself up, I cut a heartshape dent and filled it with the half-boiled egg :) Maybe it is the same as Clef * wink

  22. So, this is momsie's toast for the day! Looks very much like those selling at Old Town Shop! hehe.... Have fun!
    Blessings, Kristy

  23. Awwww! I LOVE this! That is the sweeeetest thing. I love eggs too, though I definitely have it more than twice a fortnight haha.

  24. Kristy...yeah, it is like those served at the Old Kopitiam shop but if you present it will give you hearty feel...isn't it :)

    Sharon....haha we have the same favourite food,,,egg and japanese ! :p

  25. Tiff & Key....thanks for dropping by my blog...visited yours and I love all the vegan dishes there :) Thanks for sharing those lovely recipes :)

  26. This is a very pretty toast and a very clever idea! I can surprise anyone with this nice breakfast.

  27. Elin, you should enter this next year in the Winos and Foodies' online annual event where you've got to submit yellow heart shaped themed food in support of cancer. Check it out at:

    Should definitely make their list!

  28. This looks really delicious! Although I couldn't make and take to work - I'd have to eat it straight away! Only made this by frying bread in a pan with egg cracked in it. I have a daisy cutter so the white egg petals and yellow yolk centre look cute!
    Why only 1 egg a week? Yolk is good cholesterol no?


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