Sunday, December 5, 2010

These Ladies Just Wanna Have Fun !!!

Sometimes we ladies just need to have some fun without the men!   I dated Claire,  Lena  and Cheah  for an impromptu dinner at Friends Cafe, Medan Baru Ipoh.  I have known Lena for two years now since the day she came up to me at the market place and say  " hi Elin , I read your blog everyday " . Awwww....she makes me feel so proud to have my blog ...people knows me ! Other than hi and bye at supermart, we have never really sat down to have a cup of tea and chat and to get to know one another I decided to invite her to join us for dinner . I have known Cheah for almost 2 years now and we used to date each other out for lunch and I thought it was good idea to have dinner together with these ladies.

Claire and myself , needless to say , we  are peas in a pod ! :)   The other lady is Piggy Jo whom I invited to come along and get to know these lovely  friends of her Momsie :p  Thus , these 5 ladies had a wonderful nite out without their better halves ( Cheah , Lena and myself  are the only married ones ) and had such a jolly good time camwhoring and chatting for 3.5 hours at the cafe :)   Read on to see what we had for dinner....

Before that , I would like to share this photo of Claire with you...her smile is worth a million dollar or good for toothpaste advertisement and she looked like someone having lots of fun  LOL! and I really don't know why she was holding the plate for :p   Telling me to hurry up maybe coz she is hungry ??? Okay, enough of Claire, let me introduce the food we had that nite.....

Claire can't wait to eat.....:p

Jo ordered Carbonara Pasta With Smoked Salmon 

I ordered  Forest Wild Mushrooms With Grilled Chicken 

Forest Wild Mushrooms With Grilled Chciken 
- quite a big portion and yummy too !

Lena ordered Portobello Grilled Fish 

Lena's Portobello dish taken at another angle :)

Claire ordered " Lord Of The Rings " - a small piece of grilled chicken
and some onion rings

Claire's Lord Of The Rings " 
taken at another angle for you to drool :p

Cheah ordered Chicken Arabica with capsicum sauce

Dinner was at 
Friends Cafe
Medan Baru Ipoh

We had a wonderful meal and a jolly good time together!

Claire -  full of fun and chirpy
Cheah - a down to earth person
Lena -  has a gentle and warm personality

Thank you , Claire, Cheah and Lena for your warm company
Piggy Jo and myself enjoyed the nite and looking forward 
to another dinner together in January :)))

*         *         *


  1. actually the food is nice but then in very small portions la.. macam tak cukup.. not enough for a big eater like me..
    next time must go for bigger portion.. hahahaa...

  2. Ya, agree with you, Claire. Next makan in January?? Thought it's after CNY!

  3. The food looks wonderful. To enjoy it in the company of good friends makes it better still. I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  4. yeah, i think claire was really hungry and also the one who finished eating first and also cant wait to eat your cake.. i had a great time! Looking forward to the next meet.

  5. Ah...saw the photos of the pretty ladies in Claire's blog. Yum...yum...the food looks really good! I'm sure my daughter would love it - all those mushrooms. She loves them all!

  6. Great fun, great food, great friends...can't be anything better! :D Should have it more often.....a good way to stay young :D Next time order an extra plate for Claire so that she won't hold up an empty plate...haha

  7. It's always nice to have a girls day/night out! So fun!

  8. Awwwwwwww nice! everyone looks gorgeous and hungry :P

  9. Gosh, finally, Cheah shows up in the photo! haha.... No more hiding behind. lol! Great to see everyone is there... having fun & enjoying the food. Guess, piggie Jo is the luckiest one! Wow, Lena looks so young & energetic! So, after meal you guys went to disco or not? haha.... Have to work out a bit before go for 2nd round, supper! haha....

  10. it is great and enjoyable to meet up with friends :)

  11. Look like you ladies had a great get together. Good friends good food, can't ask for anything better. Finally get to see Cheah :)

  12. Oh! I see you girls chilled out together and had fun!! Well, I can't wait for my turn to be in Ipoh with you all! I saw Ms. Lena!!! Wondering which one is Lena though. LOL!

    Hey! Thank you so much for the wishes. I feel touched. Thank you. I'll be sharing the unabridged version and recipes on my blog soon. Been UBER busy lately! Can't breathe!

    Take care!! Definitely miss you and Jo a lot!

  13. Hey guys,

    Thank you for dropping me a line...I was in Kl the last two days and sorry for not being able to reply till now :p

    We had a great time together..good food good company :)

    For your information , the sexiest one is Ms Lena and the most serious one is Cheah :)))

    Pei are welcome and you deserve to win..looking forward to the unabridged one :)

  14. Looks like you girls really had a feast! I love this post - life is all about enjoying it and having some fun.

  15. elin, cant believe that you actually call me 'sexiest'..thank god that this is now an old post


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