Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pancake Pizza With Wobbly Egg

Jo was feeling exceptionally hungry last Sunday morning ( normally we will skip breakfast and have lunch together with Daddy after church service ) and I was too lazy to make something elaborate or go out and join the sunday breakfast crowd at the coffee shop so I whipped up something tasty and yet nutritious for her in just 30 minutes before we left for church. I asked her how about pancake pizza with wobbly egg  ? ( half boiled egg ) :p and she nodded...thus I came up with this delicious pancake pizza with lots of cheddar cheese and mixed herbs ...mmmmm and with that egg wobbling on the surface of the pancake pizza !  A delight of course !

An easy to prepare pancake batter with whip cream , 
egg and flour, a pinch of salt and water enough
to make a thick batter
and yet easy flowing .
Leave it to rest for 15 minutes.

cook the pancake batter on a non-stick 6 " diameter  non- stick crépé pan

and when it is about to set flip over
and add grated cheddar cheese on the surface

you can add some mixed herbs at the same time you add the cheese on the surface

a flavorful pancake pizza ready for the runny egg ......

viola...a wonderful pancake pizza
to delight my Piggy Jo :)

Pancake Pizza With Wobbly Egg 

Ingredients for the batter :- ( make 3 pieces of 6" dia pancake )

1 cup all purpose flour
3 tbsp of whip cream
1 egg
a pinch of salt
enough water to make a thick yet flowing batter

butter to grease the non stick

mixed herbs
grated cheddar cheese
half boiled eggs - each for one pancake pizza


Grease a 6" non stick crépé pan and heat it under medium low heat. Pour in 1/3 of the batter and swirl in around so that it covers the pan evenly. Flip it over when it is lightly browned and add in grated cheese and mixed herbs on the surface. When it is cooked , dish out and serve it with the ready half boiled egg. Drizzle Bovril on the surface of the egg if you like .

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  1. Wobbly egg? This has to be the cutest title for a recipe I've ever heard! This pancake pizza looks delicious. Will you make me one the next time I am feeling exceptionally hungry?

  2. normally I ate it just like that..the pancake without cheese

  3. Your pancake looks good. Must find time to try and make one of these days. Nice with honey...or ice cream. Yum!

  4. I love love love the wobbly egg!
    I'm sure this recipe was some secret weapon kept somewhere and u were just waiting for a chance to pull out right?? hahaha.. :D

  5. I've just made pizza pancake yesterday. Next time I need to add wobbly egg, too. It sounds delicious :)

  6. That wobbly egg! You used that in your love toast & I meant to say how delicious it looks! How do you do that? You make a runny boiled egg and then you crack it open? (Sounds silly, but how do YOU cook your eggs? Egg in the cold water then boil together or do you add when water boiling & cook how long?)

  7. I love wobbly egg! Looks so delicious and a great quickie meal!

  8. elin, you can always come up with fantastic the idea of the wobbly egg

  9. The wobbly egg itself is enough to cheer me up, yes!

  10. Yum yum delicious! I'm thinking what to make for xmas breakfast. I think this is quite a good one. Will do it tomorrow.
    Happy Christmas and happy new year to you!

  11. HI! Elin,
    just have ur new recipe "pizza pancake" with eggs!n I cook today! really YUMMY! thanks for sharing it! My kids love it! will cook for tomorrow too...., for our breakfast again! :)

  12. Hi Elin, I always enjoy your recipe...
    do you have any idea about making herb tea..?

    What I know my officemate taught me drink goji-berry, but I believe there are a lot of more drink recipe

    thanks Elin.....


    1. Hi Diyan,

      Thanks for dropping by :) ah I dont really have many herb tea recipe but I do have herb jelly. You can add goji berry to this chrysanthemum herb tea and make them into is the link


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