Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stir-Fry Garoupa Fillets With Jelly Mushrooms/ Wood Ear Fungus

A chinese stir fried fish dish -garoupa fillets with the additions of wood ear fungus also known as jelly mushrooms and ginger slices and not to miss out the onion peels . Full of flavors and if the fish fillets are fresh, it will be nice to cook it this way. I just discovered that the jelly mushrooms have lots of nutritional value besides having a crunchy texture, Love them in drunken chicken too.

A  very common chinese dish that is so easy to whip up and these jelly mushrooms are a delight to the dish. It has a slight crunchy texture and has a woody fragrance, with lots of nutritional values. Good for lowering cholesterol and helps prevent blood clotting and is a nutritional cancer fighting  tool.....whoa and is a rich store of vitamin D , contains B1 and B2 , and has 3 times as much iron as liver and twice as much calcium as milk.  Ranks second among food product in vegetable fiber. And good news ladies....these jelly mushrooms are prized in China for its texture and effectiveness in promoting youth and long life. LOL! good news for me if it is not for you.  I want to live longer so that I can go on blogging about the food I cook :p a note though, over consuming of  these jelly mushrooms will cause internal bleeding. So, don't try to be too anxious about getting young overnight :p

This dish is not hard to create, but to do it well, the secret lies in carefully controlling the heat and timing . Fish will lose its freshness and smooth texture if overcooked. I have yet to master the art of not overcooking it .Besides steaming the fish, this is another way to prepare fish fillets....Stir fry them the chinese way with lots of jelly mushrooms, ginger slices and onion peels :) love it!

Stir-Fried Garoupa Fillets With Jelly Mushrooms/Wood Ear Fungus


450 gms of garoupa fillets
half egg white

ginger slices
3 pieces of dried jelly mushrooms- soak in water and cut off the stems
1 red onion - peels
2 pips of garlic - chopped fine
6 ginger slices

thickening sauce: ( add the ingredients together in a bowl )
1 tbsp of oyster sauce
1 tsp of corn flour
2 tsp of chinese rice wine
1/4 cup of water
2-3 drops of sesame oil
dash of pepper

1 tbsp of grapeseed oil

coriander leaves or italian parsley - chopped coarsely


Pat dry the garoupa  fillets and cut into 45mm X 30mm X 5 mm thickness pieces. Add the beaten egg white onto the garoupa pieces.

Heat grapeseed oil in a non-stick wok under medium high heat , when oil is hot, add in garlic, onion peels and ginger slices and saute till fragrant. Add in the fish fillets and stir fry till it just turns opaque. add in thickening and when sauce thickens, add in parsley/coriander leaves and dish up. Serve hot with rice.

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  1. Mmm...looks so delicious and healthy. I must cook more of this at home.

  2. looks delicious..thanks for giving another idea of cooking garoupa

  3. yummy tummy...moms used to fried with chicken

  4. Elin, wow, yet another name for wood ear fungus. How many names does this thing have? This dish looks absolutely wonderful - although i have to admit that i've never heard of garoupa before. A yummy white fish I presume?

  5. Didn't know that wood ear fungus is also known as jelly mushrooms. Great dish to go with rice.....yummy!

  6. Anncoo....yup jelly mushrooms are good for goes well with veggie dishes too :)

    Lena...this is a simple yet delicious fish dish...good for your gals :))

    Kathy....yup, I love them in red rice wine chicken :)

    Roxan...haha I love calling them jelly mushrooms sounds better than wood ear mushrooms :p

    Cheah...I love calling them jelly mushrooms to make the kids eat them ...they will think it is really jelly !!! LOL!

  7. Wow , yea i didn't know that wood ear fungus = jelly mushrooms. Do you know what is garoupa's english name? Looks yummy


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