Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Garlic Sauteed Shrimps In Sizzled Light Soy Sauce

Garlic and light soy sauce plays an important part in this cooking.  Instead of cooking them in curry or tomyam style like I normally do, I cooked them in this simple sauce and it turned out  flavorful with the shrimps coated with a sauce to die for.  My mom used to cook this dish for us when my siblings and I were young and I remembered the whole house filled with the beautiful aroma of sauteed garlicy shrimps and the smoked smell of sizzled soy sauce ! For busy working Momsies , this is easy to prepare and would please everyone in the family :)

I know Jo loves it cooked this way , for she finished the whole plate of shrimps all by herself . Licking the fragrant sauce off the shell.......the best part of the shrimp is the head :))) but the most deadly, for it has the highest content of cholesterol value. But for the younger people , they can indulge in them as much as they like :) , for me, I can only see but cannot was far worse than drooling at the dish from the screen ! At least from the screen one can't smell the food , but looking at it real and the saliva inducing aroma was really a mental torture for me :p  I won't be taking seafood for awhile .....I had been on a seafood diet for the last few weeks and it is time to stop partaking these arteries or I will go to hell or heaven sooner :pp

Those of you who are in the same boat like me , trying to abstain from this sinful indulgence , can  meanwhile just drool at the photos ...healthier to lick them off the screen :))



screen licking good for me 
but finger licking good for Jo !!!! 

Garlic Sauteed Shrimps In Sizzled Light Soy Sauce

Ingredients :

12 pieces of medium sized shrimps - devein and leave shell intact with head and tail on
seasoned with salt and pepper and coat with 1 tbsp of with corn flour

5 pips of garlic - crushed and chopped fine
2 bird's eye chilli - sliced
2 sprigs of italian parsley - chopped
1 .5 tbsp of light soy sauce

2 tbsp of grapeseed oil 

1 tsp cornflour + 1 tbsp water


Heat up 2 tbsp of grapeseed oil in non-stick wok under medium high heat.  When the oil is hot, fry the seasoned shrimps till cooked and lightly browned. Push aside and add in garlic and chilli and saute till fragrant. Mix together with the cooked shrimps and add in light soy sauce till it sizzled under medium heat. Add in thickening and chopped parsley. Dish up and serve with piping hot steamed rice,

Enjoy and have a nice day :)

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  1. This dish looks absolutely tasty and appetizing!

  2. yummy and the way you described it really makes me salivating. Can see but cannot eat..that's really a mental torture for you..and also for me now!

  3. I love prawns (shrimps) with soy sauce, particularly with Kicap manis like the one served at Madam Kwan.Yum!

  4. Looks so yummy and it's sure finger licking good!!! Simple yet so tasty.

  5. Ooo, Elin, this looks heavenly. Even the title is drool worthy! "Sizzled light soy sauce" I like the sound of that.

  6. Looks so yummy my friend! Long, long ago this was a restaurant dish, remembering having them during my grandpa's birthdays in the '50's!

  7. The sauce on this looks so good. This is truly my kind of meal!

  8. Arthur..this is indeed sinfully delicious...thank God I was able resist temptation :p

    Grace...haha yes it is tasty and fragrant too :) I just drool :p

    Lena...sorry for being such a sadist :) mental torture you :p

    Angie Tee....I must go and try those at Mdm Kwan :)

    Belly Good is simple to prepare and taste good too :)

    Roxan...haha it really sizzled..mmmm and it smell good when soy sauce touches on hot oil :p

    Cheah....haha yup in the 50's my mom used to cook for CNY when I was young :)

    Kathy...hahaha yummy alright :)

    Belinda....haha you can if you try out the recipe :))

    CC...thanks for dropping by :)

  9. I happened to stumble on your blog from my mom's website. I love garlic and seafood, and a combination of the two is simply divine! Looks superb!

  10. This shrimp looks amazing! Perfect for the appetizer party we are attending next week!

  11. Sharon...thanks for dropping by. Ask Mom to cook for you this mouthwatering shrimps :)

    Mother Rimmy...yess..great appetizer to bring for a party :)

  12. Love shrimp and garlic! These pictures are AMAZING! Can't wait to read the rest of your blog!


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