Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Non-Halal Dim Sum @ Yoke Fook Moon ,Ipoh

Dim Sum means “ dotted heart " or “ pointing to your heart " in chinese. But lately people prefer to call it Tim Sum meaning “ touched the heart ” Dim Sum is labelled as ''bad for the heart'' due to ''hidden fat'', but we Chinese still enjoy it. Eat first as the saying goes and deal with it later…. * wink* * wink* Well , it goes well with a cuppa of green tea though.  And Ipoh is famos for their dim sum :)

Dim sum conjures tiny morsels of Chinese tea snacks in bamboo baskets that are popularly eaten at breakfast or lunch. The most popular ones are Steamed Sui Mai, Steamed Har Gao ( prawns dumpling), Radish Cake, Chee Cheong Fun , Char Siew pau, Egg Tarts , Wu Kok or aka Taro Puff and not to forget the famous glutinous rice aka Lor Mai Kai. There are many types of dumplings which are so daintily made and attractive , especially the cyrstal clear dough skin prawn dumplings. Nowadays, they have come out with lotz of different dainty looking dim sum snacks.

We took Jo for dim sum at Yoke Fook Moon when she told us that she craves for it and we ordered so much that we forgot Josh was not with us and we had a hard time trying to finish everything on the table :p real gluttony :( we ordered so much of different varieties of dim sum that came in trolleys and they look so good that we forgot that there were 3 of us only....never trust the eyes next time , it is safer to trust the stomach :)

And this lady was so happy to serve us and she literally invited me to take a snap shot of her ( with her sweet smile, how could I turn her down :p) ...gosh ...food bloggers have really spoil them ( Jo and Daddy was so amused ) ...if there is a vote for the best waitress...I will surely vote her :p Such a wonderful SMILE ! And how can we not just take all the stuff on her tray ! Scroll down to see what we had in gluttony :)

Fresh from the kitchen..all these fried stuff..who could resist...the Piggies were happily chomping down till we can't finished and have to ask for doggy bag to take home those surplus ones :p The photos below were some of the dim sum we ordered and the most expensive ones were of course the ' bird nest tarts ' . Believe me, it was expensive and we do not know whether they are really bird nest or just agar agar strips :p  one perfect bite for RM6 the size of a twenty cent coin !  The rest was fabulous and truly , I love every piece of dim sum there except the bird nest tarts. Costly and nothing to shout about. One bite and that's it ! I just swallowed RM6  ( ** )

taro puffs...love this!

the overly priced bird nest tarts...RM6 a piece
the size of a twenty cent coin (*   *)

zoomed  in for your eyes only :)

fried shrimp dumpling...the shrimps were fresh and the dumpling
skin so crispy...dipped in mayonaise...delish !

their famos radish cake...mmm this is Jo's favourite
tasty and full of flavor...slurp

this is Jo's favourite too... 'Hongkong Chee Cheong Fun ' aka
rice flour rolls with shrimps and bbq pork bits comes with
their dried shrimps sambal and it is really somthing to shout about :)

shrimps dumplings...fresh and the shrimps
have a springy texture...perfectly done !
thumbs up for this :)

shrimps dumplings  with spinach wanton wraps

pork siew mai....a delight to chomp down
thumbs up for this dainty dumpling :)

herbal chicken soup...a pick me up tonic soup for Jo

love their stuffed tofu and stuffed chillies
with yummy fish paste and their flavorful sauce

and Daddy's favourite oyster and peanuts congee
with fried vermicelli as garnishing
a flavorful congee....I love this too :)

We walked out of the restaurant like overfed Piggies
waiting at the abattoir :pppp

*        *        *


  1. Though I just had dim sum not long ago, but now you make me crave for another dim sum breakfast. :(

  2. I looove dimsum and I really miss some good quality ones. I was in Hong Kong not too long ago and I could just live on dimsum everyday. Siew long pao is my favourite! This post is making me miss Malaysia and all its good food!

  3. The spread of dim sum looked yummy, (exempt the bird nest tart)! Just wonder how much they charge per steamer?:)

    Have a nice day!

  4. hi, didnt know that they serve non halal dimsum..i was just told by my parents today there's this restaurant (used to be lido cinema) that they also serve dimsum now and not bad.

  5. So happened I wrote on bird nest egg tart. And mine looked completely pathetic compared to yours there, Elin!

  6. Mmm...all the dim sum looks so good and there are great variety. Must come to Ipoh one day :)

  7. Yummy dishes! I'm curious about the taro puffs' flavor.

  8. Little Inbox...haha me too...looking at my own food porns I do 'gian ' again for it :)

    Sharon....you must come back to Malaysia for food....it is truly a food paradise :)))

    Alice....the price ranges for RM3.80 - RM6.00 :) you too have a nice day :)

    Lena....now dim sum restaurants are sprouting everywhere in Ipoh..Oh I shall try going there the next dim sum crave comes but the Piggies prefer this Yoke Fook Moon :)

    James...hahaha I went to read your post on it and yours really look pathetic for that price :p

    Anncoo...yes do make a trip to Ipoh and let me know so that I can meet up with you and take you there for good dim sum :))

    Talita....it has the bbq pork fillings and taro wraps...crispy on the outside and with the sweet flavorful fillings on the inside :) Yummy alright ! :)

  9. ooo my favourite dim sum place in Ipoh is Ming court.. been going there since young

  10. Swee San...oh that one is great place for dim sum :) So when are you coming down with Pei Lin??? Can go for some dim sum with you all :)

  11. Aiyoyo, showing me all those yummy dim sum! My son sure making lots of noise after seeing these. haha.... He loves everything in the pictures. We don't have nice dim sum here. That's why I have to make my own. Btw, I love that congee, HK CCF and egg tarts which I see nowhere! haha... Probably went into your mouth already! haha....
    Thanks for showing me! ^_^

  12. We tried this once and therafter, no taro puff came close. Timd for a revisit soon, perhaps!

  13. Yummy Dim Sum! I do love DimSum - yes too much hidden pork fat they tell me - but oh so, so delicious! I was lucky that Mr Leaf took me for Dimsum a few times when I was pregs. :0)
    We took my Dad to Dim Sum to a new restaurant that has opened near my hubbs place of work, I will blog later. Taro Puff one of my fave too!


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