Friday, October 1, 2010

Deep Fried Stuffed Chicken Wings

There was this little quaint shop in old town selling fried ice cream, portugese egg tarts , chicken pies, curry puffs and some nice snacks . This quaint shop is just opposite to ' The Hall of Mirror ' coffee shop.  I would normally buy some egg tarts for Joshua to take back to KL. He loves the Portuguese Egg Tarts from this particular quaint shop.

I saw some nice looking deep fried stuffed chicken wings . I could not resist buying a pair back for our dinner . I was a bit curious to know what was inside the wings * RM3 per stuffed wing , it does looks delicious. I was not disappointed , crispy on the outside and deliciously tasty on the inside.

When we were ready to tuck in the wings, I put them into the oven  to reheat it tobring back its original crispiness....I love to tuck in some of these delicacies that can clog up my arteries but one wing won't do much harm :p Yummy, I can eat many at one go. .I will try making this myself and stuff it with fillings I like.  I am sure it won't be just finger lickin' good but lips smacking too,  LOL!

the chicken meat fillings inside was tender and juicy 
and was well seasoned with pepper and salt

simple fillings though  but tasted so good that one
was not enough for me :) 

If you are somewhere around Ipoh old town , do drop by this quaint shop opposite  ' Hall of Mirror ' coffee shop and get some of these delectable wings  for yourselves :)

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  1. My goodness. That's stuffed with goodness!

  2. i love their siew pau from this stall... tomorrow i go buy.. hahaha..

  3. those stuffed chicken wings would like to make it at home some day.

  4. Ooooooooooooooooooh wooooooooooooooow!

  5. I love stuffed chicken wing too, looks delicious.

  6. I've never heard of a stuffed chicken wing, but I adore chicken wings in any manner. This would be tops on my list!

  7. Belinda...that was what attracted to buy them :))

    Jason....:) yup simple stuffing yet so delicious !

    Theresa...thanks for dropping by:)

    Claire...oh you must try out the wings and fried ice cream...yummy! too, would like to make my own stuffed wings :)

    Emily...Awww I managed to make you salivates just drooling at them :p

    Joy...:) they are !


    Jess...they are delish ...simple yet great with a glass of beer :)

    Mother Rimmy...asian cookings love stuffing a lot :))

  8. My mum has made these before - it's fiddly to take out the double bone in the wing though. She stuffs it with a ground pork stuffing and the whole wing is gently shallow fried. That crispy-coated deep-fried version looks good though!

    Ah...have had plenty of hugs and kisses with Minh just for you! ;0) Will have to do a post with him soon so you can hug the computer screen! :0D

  9. We love these chicken wings stuffed with a Thai-style filling of ground pork, bee hoon, and other ingredients.


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