Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homemade Chicken Burger II

After spending two weeks with my youngest Piggy Joshua , I realized that my boy has really grown into a young adult.  A matured young adult ! and it just tells me that I am going downhill and my time with my kids and hubby has shortened.  It reminded me that it is not how much time I still have with them but how much quality time I spend with them . Now that he has gone back to college and starting his 3rd year second semester....I feel an emptiness that I can't explained. I thought baking and cooking and watching HK dramas will fill up the emptiness but nope I still miss my still in UK and one in KL :(

Back to Joshua , he believes in living a healthy life style.  A balanced diet with lots of meat and veggies and fruits , cutting down on cakes.  And lots of gym exercise and swimming ( he is a water polo player for his college )  He gave me his diet plan and requested for more chicken breasts for his meals....I have to put on my thinking cap , how to cook those 3 kgs of chicken fillets I bought for him.  I made lots of chicken burger for him. Stored them up in the fridge so that he can eat through out the day. And of course ,  baking lots of burger buns for him too.

For a six footer , he thinks that he needs to build up his muscles so that he looks great. A six footer sexy hunk LOL! ..showing me his muscles all the time !  And here I was wondering why the sudden interest to build up muscles...I thought he is trying to get a great body to woo the pretty girls in class but nope he told me that building up a healthy and muscled physique is what he wanted all this while. Chatting with him makes me realised how little I know my boy.

Hmmm... so this Momsie has to be in league with him to help him build up his muscles , by including lots of chicken breasts in his meals and  it was great to listen to him everynight  on how those exercise he did can help to tone up his muscles. He showed me a picture of himself  before entering college and one recent picture - and two years of working out the muscles..truly there was a great difference to his physical look. He looks great...a healthy looking hunk :))))) I am happy when my children are healthy and have a healthy lifestyle.

I can't wait for my Piggy Joanna to be back home so that I can pump her up with good food. I heard she has lost a lot of heart aches to hear that :(

these are the chicken burgers I made for Joshua.........delicious

teaching Josh the art of burger stacking 
aka burger layering :p....

juicy and tender flavorful chicken burger....s l u r p

this is his first lesson on how to stack up his burger :p

* He ate this everyday for his lunch and supper
during his sem break back home and I bet he will miss 
all this goodies........I told him to come here to drool
when he is !
wicked Momsie at work again :p

Smses extracted from my mobile phone

Momsie : Gudnite boy, hope everything is fine wif u.

Joshua :  Ya, gudnite....I gain weight adi...nw 76 kg......

*         *          *


  1. What a sweet mom - and who can resist a good soap? Those buns look awesome!

  2. Elin, can Jo finish all the burger? Can share with me or not? haha.... That burger is HUGE! Salivating.... and sure Claire also the same. haha.... Enjoy your evening.

  3. Elin, the burger looks so good!! I bet your boy... Or should I say grown up son loved it too. Reading your post made me sense your love for your piggies. Hope you will spend more quality time with them....and fatten Joanne up when she returns from UK. :)

  4. I love chicken and I don't mind to have one of those huge chicken burger. ;DD

  5. Elin these burgers look mouthwateringly delicious! It's great that in college your son has such a healthy lifestyle, especially compared to other college kids. Only good things will come out of that :)

  6. Wow...these are better than those at McDonalds. Wish I can have one now!

  7. Elin, you are making me so so hungry, I feel like licking the screen, so salivating! I am super sure your son going to be missed this a lot a lot!

  8. This chicken burger look better than the one from restaurant. I am sure they taste heavenly. Josh is so lucky.

  9. Goodness gracious!!! That looks sooooooo....delicious. Hmmm...empty next syndrome eh? No fun cooking...without the young ones around to stuff. Hehehehehe!

  10. Cham liao....hungry already just from looking at the photo

  11. you are a good mom, these buns look delicious!

  12. Belinda, thanks :) all moms are great, not only me :)

    Kristy, haha my son walloped everything and put on 5kg just eating the chicken breasts. He is building muscles so I have make them into burgers for him :p

    Gabriel, haha Batam serves good please do post up the food from there :)

    Bee Bee...all momsie love their kids haha and I am also one of them :) Yup, they are all grown up now so have to spend more quality time for my time is running out :p

    Anncoo...haha beat the Big Mac :p

    Roxan...that boy is obsessed in muscle building :) so the momsie has to cook chicken breasts for him and this is one way of cooking the breast :p I really thank God for he is a good child..going the right direction in life :)

    Mary...haha I was just telling Anncoo that my burger beats the Big Mac in size and taste too :p

    Jess...he smsed me and said he has gained 5 kg just the 2 weeks he was back home for his hols :) Worth it 3 kg of chicken fillets gained 5 kg in weight ! LOL!

    Gertrude...hahaha he sure one lucky Piggy...hopefully next time his wife can cook for him :p

    Arthur....hahaha yessss I wanted to eat that too but have to restrain myself from indulging into that big burger :p I missed my kids...the emptiness haih can't describe leh :)

    Kathy....hahaha it is simple to make that chicken burger :)

    Sonia....I guess all Momsie will do that just for their kids. Mother's love is the greatest love beside God's love :) You too a great Mom to your children...all the great bakes and delicious nasi lemak you cook for them :)

  13. Wow! Your chicken burger looks so juicy! I love burger, your one looks very tempting!

  14. Kids grow up so fast. I will feel lost when my daughter move out but luckily she is only 8. So a long time to go. Your chicken burger is absolutely delish!!!

  15. I was admiring the fantastic burger buns - I've never considered going to that much trouble! Then I scrolled down and saw your burger stack! Oh my! Looks amazing!!!
    Lucky Josh!!!

  16. Elin, that's a giant chicken burger! Yummy!

  17. Grace....I added cajun and cayenne pepper as seasoning for the burger and when it was ready to dish up, I squirt honey on the surface and it turned out yummy :) are welcome :) I am glad that you gained that 5 kg hahaha your wish came true :p

    Ellie...spend more time with her..she will grow up fast :) baking and cooking together is fun for mom and daughter...something you will refresh back when she is away in the University :) Mine are away from home and I miss them a lot :)

    Plum that you are momsie will understand that going to all that trouble is worth it :) Kiss Minh for me :)

    Angie...for a six footer person , that burger is nothing :p

  18. Ann...nay, I am not really a nice mom :p can be wicked at times, making the Piggies drool at the food I cooked thru their screen ;p

  19. aweee!!! a post with so much love! the burgers look yummy too!

  20. Hi Cardamon... Momsie love is great :)


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