Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Herb Roasted Potato

If not for the medical advise, I would prefer taking potato daily instead of rice.  I love potato since young, potatoes in chicken curries , in curry puffs , mashed potatoes, potato croquettes and of course potato fries :))  Potatoes are basically bland so they need some herbs and spices to make them delicious. They contain lots of starch which is not good for me but I do eat at random when I have roasts for dinner. I  will have one or two in place of a bowl of rice. Herb roasted potato is one of my favourite sides when I am serving western food to the family. There are two more members who shared the same passion for potatoes....wild boar and piggy gal ! :))  This herb roasted potato is so flavorful that you can snack on it while watching your favourite TV programmes. It is so much healthier than snacking on fries :p

This is so easy to prepare and the herbs flavor bursting in your mouth with every mouthful will make you change your mind if you are not a potato lover.  The fresh italian parsley , garlic , cajun and cayenne pepper ,sea salt and a dash of  ground black pepper married well into this russet potatoes giving you an awesome taste that is to die for :p

boiled the potatoes in salted water  for 20 minutes.....

drained them and rub the chopped herbs - fresh italian parsley , garlic
and sprinkle ground black pepper , cajun and cayenne pepper all over
the potatoes. Before baking drizzle olive oil over the potatoes

bake at 200 º C for 30 minutes

I love the burnt part...flavorsome and mmmmm.....actually I can't
live without potato :p

one for me and two for Daddy...Josh doesn't like potatoes :(
but he loves chicken burgers and for the last one week
I have been busy baking burger buns for him
lots of homemade chicken burgers too !

Enjoy this simple and easy Herb Roasted Potatoes !

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  1. I like this simple herb roasted potato, next time must prepared this when I make grilled meat.

  2. I love potatoes too! I just got back from Argentina, where I had fries with every meal :) I was in heaven.

  3. this is great to go with bake chicken too, yummy.

  4. Easy yet full of flavor and we are talking about potatoes. Yum!

  5. Elin, I love potato too! So no matter how you cook it, I will eat it.. ;DD

  6. My daughter loves potatoes too... I'm ok with them - love mashed potatoes the most.

  7. Simple and nice.
    It's easy to bake the potatoes and chicken together,and also some vege, less hassle to cook a complete meal

  8. Perfect potatoes. I love a good potato. Yukon gold are my favorite. They'd be great with your herbs. Potatoes aren't such a bad thing. They contain lots of potassium and other vitamins. Have a good day!

  9. I am with you on this one.... herbed potatoes (with garlic!) are one of the tastiest things on the planet. :)

  10. I love simple your recipe is yet looks incredibly flavorful and delicious. :)

  11. I can already imagine the aroma filled house of potatoes and herbs. Sounds like such a great idea. I wouldn't be able to resist this if I made this.

  12. It's hard not to like potatoes. They are so versatile and adapt to any cuisine. Being Italian, one of my favourite use of the potato is in my mom's gnocchi recipe.


  13. i like potatoes. would like to try your recipe some day! hehe...nice!

  14. Sonia...you must try making this herb roasted potato..it is great for grilled meat :)

    roxan...haha me too..can't live without potatoes :)

    Jess...ya great with baked chicken :)

    Belinda...I agree with you :)

    tigerfish....you can't be more right...it is so easy and yet flavorful with those spices and herbs....mmmm now I am hungry just thinking of it :)

    Anncoo...yuppy...have you tried cooking potatoes with fermented beans and minced meat...just that one dish is enough for me :))

    Arthur...oh Melissa loves potatoes too...hahaha great mind have great taste...simple a potato can be so versatile :)

    Wendy...you are right ...bake them all at one go and save time and at the same time a tray of deliciousness :)

    Mother Rimmy....we can't get yukon over here but russet yet so I normally buy russet potatoes :) yup lots of other goodness but at the moment I can't consume too much starch products :(

    Heather...I am in heaven too just munching on these herb roasted potatoes :)

    Lindsey...yup simple yet deliriously flavorful ...slurp slurp :p

    x3baking....haha the memories of the aroma of herb roasted potatoes still lingers till now :p

    Anna...I would like to try out potato gnocchi one day, I love italian pasta :)

  15. Hi Gabriel....oh you must...better than those served in David's Corner...ahem :p

  16. That is one beautiful potato recipe! I love it!


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