Monday, September 20, 2010

Pan Seared Cod In ' Stinking Rose' Flavored Oil

Cods are best cooked in the most simplest form. Pan seared or steamed would bring out their natural sweetness and their mild flavor made them popular among fish lover.  I would normally pan seared them with garlic or stinking rose flavored oil. Needless to say, it taste good but every bite is a bite into a piece of gold for this piece of cod cost me RM20.40 . In the United Kingdom, they are commonly use for fish and chips and you can guess how much Joanna has taken since she arrived in UK . It is cheap over there so she can indulge in them daily :p This is Josh's favourite...mine too ! Why is garlic called ' stinking rose " ?

Garlic is known universally as the stinking rose, the term reportedly going back to Greek and Roman times. But why? The "stinking" part is obvious, but why "rose"? Garlic is an allium which is part of the Liliaceae family. Garlic is closer to a lily than a rose.  One possibility is that if looked at from underneath a bulb of garlic does slightly resemble a white rose with the large ends of the cloves forming the petals. Whatever , I love garlic the stinking rose in all my cooking.

I once ate this dish in a restaurant and I love the garlic flavored oil on the cod. It tasted so good that since then , I pan seared it and like I said before, I will try to get the taste out by using the sensory taste organ of mine to find out for me how it was! and I came to this conclusion that deep fried the stinking rose in oil till golden brown.  By now the fragrance of the stinking rose would have infused into the oil. Dish up the crispy golden stinking rose and leave it aside while the cod steak is being pan seared with the stinking rose infused oil. It takes about 5 minutes on each side. When the cod is cooked on both sides, dish it on a serving plate.  On medium low heat, pour the light soy sauce on the remaining hot oil and let is sizzles for 5 seconds, off the fire and pour the fragrant sauce over the pan seared cod. Top it with the crispy golden sitnking rose and serve the dish with hot steaming rice.  If you love stinking rose and cod fish , you will definitely love eating it this way...lovely dish and Josh love this !   Because it is so expensive over here, we only indulge in this once in a blue moon LOL !

cooking time for pan seared cod fish is 5 -6  minutes on each side

loves the texture of this fish....mmmmm wish we can indulge in
this fish more often....RM90 per kilo is like eating gold wafer :p

cod fish is rich in Vit A, D & E  and omega 3 - fatty oil and
when cooked Cod  meat is moist and flaky 
Love the mild flavor and moist flaky texture.

Enjoy and have a great Monday :)

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  1. This is the first tme I've heard of this name! Quite interesting though and great to know that as well. Sounds like "Ah beng & ah lian"... Claire said! hahaha... I'm sure you've been busy cooking for the past few days. Looking forward for more.
    Take care.

  2. wah... cod fish..long time never buy and eat.. :)

  3. It is worth the money Elin. After all, you are only cooking for yourself and the hubby, how much can you all eat?

    I tried black garlic in a restaurant last wee, they serve it with Berkshire pork belly, it was amazing...I am absolutely digging black garlic now! But do not know how to make any... :(

  4. Kristy....Yup have been busy cooking for the Piggy Josh :) too tired to blog the last few weeks :p but will try to find time to blog about the dishes I cooked. Simple dishes anyway :p

    Claire...I bought mine from Canning Market :)

    Quinn....yup expensive but taste good and for the two of us, actually it is cheap compared to eating out :)

    Oh I have yet to try out the black garlic. I don't see them in Jusco Ipoh...maybe KL have them. The next time I drop by KL , will pick some back :) Your Bershire pork belly sounds great :) and you make me want to cook myself this dish :)

  5. Elin, this is my 1st time hearing stinking rose, very interesting.

  6. Ate this in a restaurant not so long ago. Wish the chef had learn from you. The way they cooked not that nce

  7. people cannot stand the garlic smell thus for the name ' stinking rose ' but I love it :p

    Kathy....awwww thanks for your kind words :)))


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