Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mixed Herbs Fried Rice With Omelette Shreds Topping

Piggy Cuz bought back a few bottles of mixed herbs for me from UK and now I can use it generously :p She is such a gem and brought back birthday pressies from UK for me for my birthday. Will show you what she gave me when the big day comes * wink...well... soon... patience :)  She always springs surprises on me...but I do love surprises though !  Thanks Piggy Cuz for the pressies.

Back to this fried rice..well..I make it simple by just adding dried mixed herbs, chopped chicken ham, dash of white pepper and sea salt.  Garnish with omelette shreds....this is want I meant by simple cooking. I blanched some lettuce and garnish with deep fried crispy garlic and oyster sauce to go with the fried rice. Yummy!  Daddy to eat simple for a day  days to come  :p till I get back my stamina !

The last time I fried this italian herb rice was with shrimps but this time round,  I used chicken ham chopped into bits was so fragrant and I wanted to make it special , I added some omelette shreds as topping to hookwink Daddy so that he won't say I simply fry the rice just because I want to have a quick one...ahem a fuss -free dinner I mean * wink . I  blanched some lettuce and add some  garlic oil  to it. That is how simple our meals are these days.... I have to thank my boss for that of course :p

I like the rice not soggy but cooked and yet firm....

the chicken ham gave the rice extra flavor and it blends
well with the mixed herbs........

blanched lettuce with garlic oil and oyster sauce 
make a good side dish for the fried rice......

a simple meal but a delish for us both.......

Happy feasting :)

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  1. wow..i m anxious to know your pressies too! must be something involving food.. :)
    eh, i can see u have big ads on top and at the side too ..

  2. simple meals cooked from a loving heart is the best we can give when we're already worn out.

  3. Ooh, you know what I think you would love? Furikake. It's a japanese condiment that comes in little jars, and you sprinkle it on top of your rice and other foods. I've sprinkled it on tofu before. Yum!

  4. I can smell the fragrant of your fried rice, look just simply yummy~!

  5. Dried mixed herbs is a must in my kitchen! So convenient and makes things so fragrant!

  6. I love this, simple and delicious :))

  7. Herbs fried rice should be very nice aroma! I must give it a try too!

  8. Good idea wo...never thought of putting mixed herbs

  9. can also try this Chicken fried rice from, its simple and easy.

  10. A simple and homey rice dish! And how sweet of your Piggy!

  11. Fusion eh? Ang moh herbs with Asian rice. LOL!!!

  12. Claire...hahaha yesss...finally !

    Lena...thanks for sharing the similar thoughts :)

    Roxan...ohhh thanks for the idea of using Furikake...will search for it from the japanese store :) minds have great sensory organs :) you are just like me...we can conjure the smell and taste in our mind by just reading the recipe :)

    Ann... I am like you..I cna't do without these mixed herbs and spices :)

    Anncoo...yess...simple yet taste good :)

    Grace...yes it will like it if you like italian herbs :) try it with mixed herbs...nice :)

    Jess...yes simple and fragrant and taste good too :)

    Anon...will check it out :) thanks.

    Angie...oh yes...Piggy Cuz is thoughtful and sweet :)

    Arthur....haha yes...fusion is the trend now. Seriously this taste great better than the normal fried rice. You ask Melissa to try it out...she will agrees with me for sure :) * she is coming back liow so I guess you are skipping around lately :p

  13. Elin, a lot of times ... simplicity is the most beautiful thing ever come across ... So is simple meal like this ... Looks good enough and def healthier than the fried rice served outside. =)

    Lucky you! Got all the rarities back from the U.K.!

  14. Pei-Lin...yes I agree with you , simple meals can be good :) and this is definitely a healthier version than the classic fried rice :)

    haha...yesss I am lucky to get those fragrant herbs from UK :) thanks to Piggy Cuz! :)

  15. I've never tried herbs with fried rice! What a unique and fresh take on fried rice. :)

  16. Judy...oh it taste good for fried rice...a nice flavor from the mixed try it out and you will know what I mean...mmm for me it is yummy :)

  17. Oooo... how nice of your piggy girl! She sent you some mixed herbs from UK. You must be thrilled... better than getting a diamond ring!!! hehe.... I still remember your last birthday but not exactly which day. It was also the first time you put up your family photos, right! Have a nice day.

  18. is not my gal but my piggy cousin la it is the thought that is important not the gift...hahaha sorry you thought otherwise ...but my gal bought me pressies but not going to tell me till she comes home with it :p

    Time flies....another year added :p

    You too have a great weekend :)


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