Sunday, October 3, 2010

Salmon Cubes With Organic Seaweed Tofu

If I have my way , I would love to have salmon in my meals everyday. But this pricey fish can only be savored once in a blue moon. How sad...this fish is so good for us and yet we can indulged everyday :(  Not only is it delicious but has a lot of omega 3 in them . There are so many ways to cook salmon. Pan seared to smoked  to baked .... they will turned out delicious. Salmon has a natural subtle saltish taste so we don't really need to add a lot of salt . Just a pinch of salt will do and I can forget my surname for a moment while indulging in this lovely cooked salmon . I love experimenting  with different method of cooking it ...give me a few minutes to be alone and I can surprise you with a delicious mouth-watering plate of salmon cubes .

Simple preparation of this fish will bring out the natural flavor of salmon . I prefer it not overcooked, just cooked and still has the beautiful tinge of orangey red color . The secret of cooking this salmon cubes is to heat up enough oil ( olive or grapeseed ) in a deep  medium size pot . And when the oil hot ,add in 2 sprig of rosemary and let in sit in the oil for 1 minute. Off the heat, put in the salmon cubes and let the salmon sit in the rosemary infused oil for ten minutes, swirling the oil around the salmon cubes to make sure that it is evenly cooked.  Take the cooked salmon cubes out and place them in a serving plate. Leave aside while with the remaining rosemary infused oil. Add in the organic seaweed tofu into the oil, and on low heat, keep swirling the oil around the tofu till it is lightly brown. Dish up and serve together with the salmon cubes.  Simple and delicious . Easy to prepare salmon dish that every busy Momsie or Wife would be happy to cook for their families :p  A hearty healthy meal for Daddy and myself !  You can join me and drool and salivates together with me , for I am hungry again  just looking at them ....mouth-watering piece of goodness.

cut the salmon fillet into cubes, seasoned with white pepper and 
a pinch of salt

heat up enough grapeseed/olive under medium heat
add in a few sprig of rosemary to the oil

when oil is hot and fragrant with the rosemary scent
off the heat and put in the salmon cubes,
swirling the oil around the cubes so that
all are evenly cooked . Let it sit in the hot oil for 10 minutes
 Let the scent of rosemary get infused into the salmon cubes

with the remaining oil, under medium heat, put in the organic 
seaweed tofu into the hot oil and dish up when it is lightly brown

combine the two together and my goodness, they tasted so good
that I want more..the salmon just nicely cooked and 
the tofu well seasoned ( I bought ready ones from the organic shop )

this organic seaweed tofu is a great accompaniment
 for the salmon cubes.....the beautiful scent of rosemary 
makes the salmon so delicious that I will want to cook my
salmon this way again...I want to make this for my Piggies
on the next trip back :)

I love the flaky texture of salmon and when cooked
 it must be light orangey in color. I can't eat salmon which is
over cooked.  This is the perfect and delicious...s l u r p

Have a wonderful Sunday !

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  1. your salmon looks delicious, and well prepared...but what really intrigues me is those tofu cubes...I would love to try unique!

  2. I'm with Chef D...the tofu cubes with seaweed look delicious (as does the salmon!) Theresa

  3. Elin, the seasweed tofu looks totally tasty! I think I might try to add some seaweed into tofu next time when I make them.
    Now I must get some soya beans.

  4. The salmon looks so good. I have to tell you when I saw the message photo on Foodbuzz I thought it was for sushi , hehe, I love it and I would eat it raw because you made it look so delicious.

  5. I like to eat salmon no matter how it's cooked and yes, it's quite a pricy fish! I could just have it once a week.

  6. I saw this seaweed tofu being sold at the supermarket here. Will try it some day!

  7. Chef Dennis....the organic seaweed tofu are from the organic shop. We have many organic shops sprouting all over the town. People here health freak :) I wonder whether asian grocery sell these seaweed tofu ? Hope you can get them over at your place. It tasted great...seaweed flavored :)

    Theresa....the salmon are cooked in the hot rosemary infused oil and it tasted great.

    Angie...oh u must add in the seaweed when u make your own tofu :) They taste great with the seaweed :) Please share the recipe when you have make them :p

    Spicie Foodie....I don;t like the salmon over cooked. I love it just cooked infact a bit raw would be great :) , having once a week is luxury to me. I can have it maybe twice a month...hahaha over here it is like eating gold :)

    Jaslyn...I got mine from the organic the organic shop are smart..they sell frozen organic they claimed they are true God alone knows :) but the tofu is nice eaten just steamed. It is already full of flavor. No need to add salt to it :)

  8. this dish looks delicious! i'll have to go find some of this seaweed tofu.


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