Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Silken Tofu Garnish With Black Sesame Seeds And Bonito Flakes

Tofu is a cholesterol free soy product ....by itself it is bland , you can prepare them in any sauce with any fillings or toppings , deep fried or steamed , they will still taste delicious . A healthy and comfort food for those who are on soft diet.

You can have it simple - Tofu with sizzled soy sauce garlic oil or you can have a more complicated one - Pan Fried Prawn Paste Tofu Patties or more adventurous , baked them as Tofu Pizza . My tofu dishes here will tell you I am a fan of tofu :)  When I am not lazy, I will make my own tofu .  I love tofu and I can make many variations with it....I have tofu in most of my meals and a simple tofu dish  can make me happy ;p 

For today 's tofu dish , I wanted it simple and yet has a ' look east ' taste , so I steamed the tofu for 3 minutes , while still hot , garnish top with bonito flakes and black sesame seeds , drizzle sesame oil over the surface for extra oomphs and I can have this for snack. Easily digestible too !

Silken Tofu is an excellent source of vegetarian protein. Just for knowledge sake , one half cup ( 4 oz ) of raw firm tofu serving is about 10 grams of protein and the recommended protein intake daily is 56 grams for men and 46 grams for women. And tofu has low calories , the same one half cup raw tofu has only 5 grams of fat , 133 mg of calcium and 1.8 mg of iron . Tofu is a cholesterol free food so those who wants to diet... can consider adding tofu as one of your daily food :) But of course not every one is like me..some don't like tofu...Daddy doesn't fancy tofu but lucky my Piggies love tofu ! So, with three against one , tofu is served often !

Black sesame seeds are high in calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus. These minerals help to support healthy bones, muscles, blood, and nervous system. Copper strengthens blood vessels, joints, and bones, and is helpful in relieving arthritis. Magnesium supports vascular and respiratory health .It also contains zinc and calcium, which also improve bone health.  They have a sweet and nutty flavor. I like to add them to my food and cakes :p love their nutty fragrance.

a simple yet delicious tofu dish .....

the bonito flakes and black sesame seed
 adds flavor to the bland tofu

believe it , I can eat this as snack while watching the idiot box.....
it has a beautiful silken texture and the garnishing makes it perfect
for my palate...:)

 Silken Tofu Garnish With Black Sesame Seeds & Bonito Flakes


1 slab of silken tofu
1 tsp of sea salt

1 tsp of hot sesame oil
black sesame seeds - toasted and lightly crushed to allow the oil to ooze out - amount up to one's taste
bonito flakes - amount up to one's taste


Rub sea salt over silken tofu . Steam at high heat for 3 minutes. Take out tofu and drizzle hot sesame oil over the tofu and garnish with black sesame seeds and bonito.

Enjoy !

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  1. A very classy dish. Lovely presented. Love the use of the bonito flakes.

  2. What a creative, beautiful dish. I bet the saltiness is just what tofu needs.

  3. i love tofu, this is simple but delicious.

  4. Hey, this is very original, Elin! Tofu with black sesame seeds and bonito flakes. Never thought of using black sesame seeds this way, except for baking. Lovely clicks too!

  5. Lazaro & Belinda...thanks for your lovely words :)

    Jess...me too loves tofu :)

    Cheah...sesame seeds goes well as topping for salad too.. Do try sprinkle some on your salad...yummy especially when you crush the sesame seed when it is hot...mmm the aroma of the natural sesame oil ...great for salads :)

  6. I used to just fried garlic and pour on top. But hubi doesnt like. So i changed a bit. Use ginger chopped finely fried with the bean paste and pour on top. That one he likes

  7. Beautifully presented. Thanks for all the tips and wonderful tofu recipes. I do like it but always have a hard time figuring it out how to prepare it so it isn't is bland.

  8. Kathy...tofu is bland so when you put add in beans paste ...it will be flavorful..hahaha that's is why your hubby loves it :)

    Spicie Foodie...you are welcome :) hope you like the tofu recipes :)


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