Saturday, December 6, 2014

Red Glutinous Rice Wine Chicken Roll

Mmmm...when it comes to food, I am number 1 :p I have great appetite for new recipes and I will be wanting to try out new kitchen is my paradise next is my small garden :)  I love the scent of flowers and the natural scent of the kitchen where baking and cooking takes place. When baking bread, the whole kitchen smells of freshly baked bread...oh it is heavenly ! But when pan frying meat or any seafood, the kitchen has a mixture of odour, delicious smell of fried meat and fried oil.  To some it is heavenly but to my hubby WB, the enjoys the food but not the odour of fried oil :)

Did I mention in any of my post that WB loves heavenly scented candles ? He collects scented candles and has a great collection of different fragrances. And when lit are known for enchancing your sense of well being. And he has a collection of decorative jar candles too :) Shhhh... I think I will get him some nice air freshener this Christmas to add to his collection of scented candles :p  He never fails to burn one when we are seated having our dinner :) The candle fragrance and light work together to create an enchancing atmosphere that relaxes my tired muscles and as the candle burns, the fragrance is complemented by a warm and tranquil glows that gives a romantic mood...LOL! WB is such a romantic Wild Boar !  

Sorry.. again I have back to my this dish . I have been trying out new recipes for the coming Christmas dinner and I thought for a change lets have something different this year.  How about this Red Glutinous Rice Wine Chicken Roll ???  My gardener friend gave me a bottle of homemade  red glutinous rice wine :) So super happy ! She is good in making rice wine and she has a generous spirit. She gave each of the community gardeners a bottle of her homemade rice wine. Thus, I could not wait to try her red rice wine :).   I deboned chicken drummets and marinade them in the homemade glutinous rice wine and ginger shreds with a tsp of sugar and salt. I marinated them for a few hours in the fridge.  It is not hard to prepare this dish though it may takes a few hours to marinade the meat. The result is finger licking good tasty chicken roll.  Dont know what to cook for may like a fusion meal....:)

deboned the drummets, roll up the meat and marinate with ginger shreds and glutinous ricewine

marinate and keep in fridge for a few hours

pan fried them until the meat is cooked and turn crispy brown
Dish up and sprinkle toasted sesame seeds as garnishing

Glutinous Rice Wine Chicken Roll  -   WB Kitchen

5 pieces of wing drummets - remove skin and deboned ( you can use any parts of the chicken )

1/2 cup of red glutinous rice wine
sea salt to taste
sugar to taste
a thumb size ginger - cut into fine shreds
a tsp of sesame oil

grapeseed oil for pan frying

toasted sesame seeds for garnishing


Debone the drummets and remove skin.  Pour 1/2 cup of red rice wine onto a med sized bowl. Put all the deboned drummets into the red rice wine and make sure that all the drummets are evenly mixed together with the rice wine.  Roll up the drummets and place the drummets nicely in a row on a deep plate. Add in the ginger shreds and the remnants of red wine . Cover with cling wrap and marinade the drummets for a few hours in the fridge.

Heat up oil in a non stick pan and pan fried them till they are cooked through and has a nice dark brown color.  Dish up and garnish with toasted sesame seeds .

Enjoy !


  1. These chicken rolls are not only delicious, also very nutritious!

    1. Yess...they are also nutritous and apt for ladies in confinement ;)


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