Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fried Eggs With Kimchi

If you are a regular here, you will know that I love making my own kimchi.  I can't remember how many times I have make my own kimchi since the day I have successfully made one that suited my taste.  For me fried egg is comfort food, what more if my favourite kimchi is added to the fried egg :) it is absolutely heaven food for me :p   Easy to whip up if you have kimchi at home.  Just fried the egg and when the white is about to set, add kimchi on the white and continue to cook till the white has set completely with the edges slight burnt....mmmmm love the crispy edges and the yolk just cook.  A simple fried egg with kimchi can put a smile on my face.  Love the homemade kimchi ! 

Making a small amount of kimchi is not tedious but making a big load can be tiring. I have to stand most of the time, washing the napa cabbage, leaf by leaf .  If I were to make a big tub of kimchi, I need at least three big napa cabbages and you can imagine the amount of time spend washing every leaf.  Many a time I suffered from lower back pain , WB will massage my back for me and the pain will go off . But the lastest kimchi making, my back ache was terribly painful due to carrying the heavy pail with cabbages soak in brine and WB's massage has lost its magic touch, for the pain persists.  I have to take pain relief  , I could sleep through the night and the pain was gone the next day. What an effective pain relief ! I learnt my lesson, first never to make such a big load of kimchi and secondly, never to carry a heavy pail of cabbage in brine water !

 making the paste for the kimchi was not tedious

 preparing the napa cabbage is tedious if making a big load, washing the cabbage leaf by leaf 
and soaking them in brine water is another tedious job 

It was worth all the pain to have my own homemade kimchi !

With homemade KIMCHI  ( click here for the recipe ) you can make many dishes out of it
and fried egg with kimchi is one of them

Enjoy and 
Have a great day !


  1. Elin, you are the kim chi expert. Lovely heart shaped fried eyes.

    1. Nancy, I am still learning how to make better ones :) But I have been making my own kimchi since the first day I had my first taste of kimchi from a Korean restaurant in KL. I love it ! Praise God for this gift :)


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