Monday, December 15, 2014

Assam Curry Paste Sea Prawns

Wasn't feeling too well the last few days , I wanted to cook something interesting for WB but too tired to cook anything elaborate.  I took out some sea prawns and did a quick stir fry with ready to cook curry paste ( bought from the Kg.Simee market )  Added some cut red onions and there this delicious prawn dish is ready for dinner.   It is a good idea to always keep ready to cook paste in the fridge. Useful when you are too tired to whip up anything that takes more than 30 mins .  WB enjoy his dinner with just this one dish !  Thank God I have sea prawns in the freezer all cleaned up and ready for cooking :)   A quick stir fry and I have dinner ready in less than an hour !

Enjoy !


  1. I agree with you, just one dish with white rice and more white rice will be so satisfying.

    1. Yesss....just one dish would be good enuf on days that I am too tired to cook....eating out all the time aso tiring :p


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