Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mini King Oyster Mushroom Omelette

A simple dinner last night because WB was well the past few days.  Fever and cough but thank God , he is much better today :)  I cooked this simple mini king oyster mushroom omelette for our dinner -bought them from Jusco and these mini King Oyster mushroom are from Korea , it is crunchy in texture and taste good .  One functional arm and one handle non stick pan did the trick LOL!  

Thank God I am now 90% recovered and soon I will be able to go back to my mundane routine of baking and cooking again.  The physiotherapy is killing me though.  Imagine your arm being pushed to the limit each time you go for the exercise...gosh it is nightmare for me but it does do me good though. As the saying goes pain no gain.  I am still not able to sleep through the night coz of the pain from the inside.  Well , as the doctor said...the pain will be there for 3-6 months.  Wow, I didn't know this is the side effect from the surgery and I hope that I will be able to endure the sleepless night and pain.  But food can smooth the pain for the time being :)

Mini King Oyster Mushroom Omelette 

Mix all  the ingredients together:

a handful of mini king oyster mushrooms - rinse and dab dry with kitchen paper towel
2 eggs - beaten
a pinch of herbed sea salt to taste
chilli flakes to taste
a tsp of chopped garlic
a tsp of olive oil
a tbsp of cut spring onions


Pour the mixture into hot non stick pan and cooked on med low heat till both sides are golden brown and edges are crispy.  Dish up and serve with hot rice.

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