Friday, June 21, 2013

Kate Overcomes Insomnia After Yoga Classes :)

A friend of mine just join the Yoga classes and she finds that after a few classes, it has helped  her overcome her insomnia.  She is happy that she can sleep better now and she has decided to complete the beginners   She is searching online for some yoga gear and accessories.  To her delights, she found yoga mat , yoga props like yoga strap for her not so flexible body and a matching yoga mat bag  and some yoga towels on the website .  She found some good yoga books and yoga dvd that will guide her in practising at home.  She is so into Yoga that she can't help talking the whole time we met up for lunch.  I guess I have to give her a listening ear LOL!  I am happy that at least with Yoga she manage to overcome her insomnia :)

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