Saturday, June 1, 2013

An Unlocked Cell Phone For Elaine

Elaine is Josh's girlfriend and she is doing her final semester in UK to complete her degree in business admin. She is taking the same programme as Josh and Joanna.  She left for UK just three days ago and before leaving , her parents bought her an unlocked cell phones to take to UK so that she can viber with Josh and the parents :)  No only she can watsapp Josh all the time but she can even take pictures with her unlocked iPhone.  The world has become much smaller and better connected which is made possible with the modern technology as offered by unlocked cell phones.  Children are very blessed these days.  Parents will give them the best they could afford.  Not just material things like unlocked cell phone but the best education too.  Going to UK to finish her degree will cost a bomb to an average family but still the parents will sacrifice to give the best to their kids.  I used to tell my kids to be grateful and be nice to us parents when they come out to work :)

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