Thursday, June 13, 2013

Foodpanda - The Answer To Our Hectic Lifestyle!

Life has been hectic of late. Work in office comes by the load and all have dateline that has to be met. Whee…I can’t wait for the day to come when I can just tell the ‘boss ‘ off and enjoy the rest of my remaining years with my other half. I don’t mind helping out with the Sunday school activities…teaching the kids is a joy and there is so much fun teaching them craft work and teaching them songs. It is the best therapy for both of us especially with our own Piggies away from home most of the time. Our nest is empty and these kids sure add joy and fun to our lives. With so much activities , we both are dead tired when dinner time comes. So eating out most of the time has been the normal thing to do. I miss out so much on cooking our meals. But due to our tiredness , eating has become mechanical, we just gobbled up our food not being able to appreciate the food at all. And at times , we can’t remember what we have eaten for dinner :) 

We just wish we could have a maid at home to do the housework and cook our meals for us at a time like time. Wishful thinking until yesterday, my friend told me not to fret so much. She has good news for us. She was telling me, there is a new fast food delivery service available with 300+ restaurants to choose from . Gosh , this seems to be an answer to our prayers ! Wild Boar and myself was drinking in what Alice was telling us about this fantastic online food services . After she left us, Wild Boar could not wait and quickly went on line to check the website. It was so easy, we just have to enter the area we stay , then select the restaurant we want ( and true enough , they have 300 restaurants to choose and pay upon delivery. Wow, I am going to tell my Piggy Jo that she can order online too and food will be delivered to her just like that. Her life has been as hectic as ours. Alice is a gem by sharing such a wonderful link with us. Now , we can have a hectic life and yet be able to enjoy good food without the hassle of queuing at the restaurant for our meals . Food delivered straight to our doorsteps !

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  1. Delivery?...Sounds like the answer! But in my case I know the maid would be great!!! Seems like the list is never ending with what we have to do each day just to keep the household running smooth...even with one grown child :)


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