Saturday, June 22, 2013

Buffet Lunch @ Tao Cuisine, Giza Sunway

Piggy Josh and Elaine met up with us at Tao Cuisine, Giza Sunway for a All-U-Can-Eat buffet with full table service.  It had been four months since I last saw my Piggy Josh :p miss him much.  I see Piggy Jo more often coz she comes back more often than the brother.  We had a wonderful time just eating and yakking .  You can check out their menu from here and you will know what we had.  We didn't manage to eat all but be assured, we are coming again for more :)   Piggy Josh gave us all this wonderful treat with his first pay and also to celebrate Parents's Day  :)   Read on to check out what we had :p 

we started with sushi and sashimi moriawase

the oysters are fresh and succulent and the baked ones are
to die for ...slurrp

yakimono -octopus and chicken teriyaki

steamed clams in garlic

baked cheese scallop , scallop with  ginger sauce
and vermicelli

love the grilled shrimps

Shitake Hasami Age and Pumkin Korokke

some seaweed salad

taiwan style steamed fish and
abalone these too :)

teppan black pepper beef and eryagi mushroom yaki

motoyaki scallop and salmon terayaki

left: Piggy Jo and Chris
right:  Elaine and Piggy Josh

from left: Elaine, Piggy Josh, Momsie Elin, Wild Boar, Piggy Jo and Chris

Love the quality time we had together
and looking forward to the next meet up :)
and not to forget thank you Piggy Josh for the wonderful treat too.

*             *             *

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  1. big happy family. lol. The food looks super scrumptious. Just look at the big smile on you & WB. hehe....
    Enjoy your weekend.


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