Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tribute To Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Steve Jobs - Apple Founder

Though you have left us today but
you leave behind a legacy for us.....
an incredible legacy that will live on....
I love my iPod Touch which I can't do without
and iPad to read all my e-books.
Thank you for leaving me such precious
things which I shall take it to my grave
when the time comes.

May you rest in peace... dear Hero 


  1. yeah, just read abt the news in yahoo this evening.

  2. He is truly a legend in the technology era. Such great success with his creations, he will always be remembered by many. Indeed, I love all my apple products to bits, thanks to him and his great team. May he find peace in heaven. 

  3. I adore him a lot. He is really precious diamond for us,which left us went to heaven fewdaysago....
    Steve....wherever u r ur soul will be in peace.


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