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Pumpkin Stuffed With Everything Good - French Fridays With Dorie

TGIF....when Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan arrived at my doorstep some months back, I could not contained my joy for I really want to try out some simple french cooking and Dorie has complied all the the simple and delicious french dishes in one book.  I read through them the very night I received the book and have bookmarked some of the ones that I wanted to start off with and to my delight, Lizzy and a few of my blogger friends invited me to join FFWD group and can you imagine the joy and happiness...having Dorista friends all over the world cooking the same recipe and comparing notes....fantastic how food can bring people together :)   Today FFWD dish is Pumpkin Stuffed With Everything Good !  Well true to its is really stuffed with everything good LOL!   Yummy..and we love it !   It goes well with my roast pork ribs which I am going to share with you in my next post :)  Meanwhile , let's look at this pumpkin goodness first :)  This is one delicious pumpkin recipe that Dorie shared with us in her AMFT.

I used  Japanese pumpkin for this, the local ones are too sweet for me :p but of course this is my preference. For savoury dishes I would use japanese pumpkin but if I am making rolls and cake, I would use the local ones.  I bought half a Japanese pumpkin for this recipe, though the recipe called for one pumpkin, for there were just the two of us for dinner.  I used aluminium foil to wrap up the pumpkin :)  And baked in oven for 50 minutes until the pumpkin has soften and cooked.  I prepared the croutons a day before and used cheddar cheese for this recipe.  It turned out delicious....

scoop out the seeds from the pumpkin and
 rub toasted black pepper and sea salt on the inside.  

ingredients for stuffing are croutons, garlic, chedder cheese,
smoked bacon strips , italian parsley and garlic and heavy cream
mix them together with a dash of pepper

stuffed the well mixed stuffing ingredients 
into the pumpkin and wrap them
up with aluminium foil

this looks good ......yumm can't wait for it to be ready

baked it for 1 hour @ 180 deg C or till the pumpkin is soften

wow...the aroma is so good.... the title befits this dish
pumpkin stuffed with everything good !  :)

I had this PWEG as a side with my roasted pork ribs........
yummy !

This post participates in French Fridays With Dorie
Do hop over to my other Dorista friends and see their creation of this dish 

and for dessert click 
to savor more of this pumpkin goodness

Have a wonderful weekend !
and thanks for leaving me a comment :)

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  1. Yummy!!!
    I wish I can have dinner at your place.
    I've seen some other stuffed pumpkin dishes, but unfortunately, my hubby hates eating so much pumpkin. Itching to make but cannot make... must wait til my MIL comes back. Then I must make!

  2. wow..this is really "sinful" but sinful or not..also delicious la!!

  3. What a great meal, Elin! The pumpkin turned out great and can't wait to see your rib recipe.

  4. elin, delicious! i love all the ingredients that you put in here..wonderful! that croutons is a tasty addition!

  5. Oh my. Your whole meal looks fabulous!

  6. Looks beautiful, Elin! I like the crunchy additions :)

  7. I would be very happy sitting down to that plate of food! Yum!

  8. my goodness me .. so this was what was cooking in your mind when you got that pumpkin the other day. *slurps enviously

  9. Very lovely - it's totally making me hungry now. ;)

  10. Your Japanese pumpkin looks great, Elin! I especially love the size of that cavity in the middle because it looks like you could stuff a LOT of good things in there. So glad you enjoyed it, we did too!

  11. Such a beautiful meal. Your "pumpkin" Looks wonderful and I love all that stuffing. You've given me a good idea.

  12. Wendy....hahaha so you have to wait for MIL to be back to enjoy with you...but I think your hubby will love the Japanese pumpkin for this dish. I prefer Japanese pumpkin becoz it is not that sweet :) and you will not trying out this dish...yummy !

    Claire...don't is a small one so a bit of indulgence is fine once in a while :) my next post I will share with you my roast pork rib...yummy

    Kathy...yea...tasty and we can't get this dish from the restaurant :)

    Lena...yea you must try this out. You will love it !

    Yummychunklet...yea it is :)

    Saffron&Honey...yea the croutons makes it delish :)

    Ei...yes...we love it , don't we :)

    Piggy Jo....this awesome and I know you love pumpkin :) will cook this for you when you are back home, meanwhile drool first :p

    SoupAddict...yea when I think of it, I am not just hungry...I want to make this dish again...and after seeing all the different ingredients from all of you, I would like to try out with rice stuffing next :)

    Maya...yea I love this dish ! the Japanese pumpkins...they are not so sweet . Glad that you too enjoyed it :)

    Kris' Kitchen....thank you :)

  13. I am SO glad you're with us :) And I'm also delighted that you liked this one, too...another recipe I never would have made if not for FFwD! Have a great weekend~

  14. Everything looks fantastic. I served mine with
    ribs also, and it was a great combo.

  15. It looks great, and I liked to read about the different pumpkin tasted there are. I was really glad to fine even one sort over here. But with that one sort pumpkin (and I can't tell which sort) the recipe was also delicious.

  16. Japanese Pumpkin - sounds really intriguing, it looks like the outside color is a bit different with the green. your Pumpkin is simply scrumptious looking - as is the rest of your meal!

  17. i've never heard of a japanese pumpkin. are they easy to find? great ideas here!!

  18. Love the idea of pairing this with pork- that would be perfect. I also enjoyed that you used a japanese pumpkin - I had never heard of this before but would now very much like to try one out !

  19. Looks great! I'm stocking up on pumpkins while they're plentiful around here so I can make this dish all Winter.

  20. I love the idea of this pumpkin recipe. Don't often see too many savory recipes. And the filling...really how could it not be good with a name like that!

  21. your ribs look great too! :) I LOVE kabocha! Such a great substitution!

  22. Your stuffed pumpkin sounds delcious! Love all the goodies in the stuffing.

  23. The bigger cavity is perfect for scooping in extra stuffing :-)

  24. I wish I could join you in person and talk food and cookbooks. I can only talk to my foodiew friends online...I bore everyone at lunch break at work...not much intrest in food there.

    I would also love this savory dish. I don't like too sweet pumpkin, I want to try this. You were right about it having everything (but the kitchen sink) hehe! It looks awesome!

  25. I love your Pumpkin Post. Your entire meal looks delicious as well as palate-pleasing on the plate. I am going to try the Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls next week. Wow, are they yummy-looking. I like your Blog. Really like it.

  26. Your meal looks great! I especially love your pumpkin cinnamon rolls.

  27. Yup, that whole meal looks mouth-watering. I like how you cut the pumpkin in half and baked it that way. Nice job!

  28. Everything looks delicious and I love that you ended the meal with a pumpkin dessert. The roasted pork ribs look amazing, too!

    Interacting with Doristas around the world is really the best part of this group, isn't it?

  29. Lizzy...yea thank you for inviting me to join the group :) I love being one of the Doristas :) I would not have made this if not for FFWD :) what I would have missed !

    Nana...yea I read yours and knew I did right matching it with the roast ribs :)

    4pure...I think it is called kobocha pumpkin :) it is not overly sweet and it taste good.

    Christy...yea the japanese pumpkin is also known as the kobocha pumpkin :)

    Frolicking Night Owl.....the japanese pumpkin is also known as the kobocha pumpkin :) and you may be able to get it from the Asian grocer :)

    Tricia s...yea I read yours and love the pork with this dish...simply delish for I too match it with roast pork rib :) is the time to stock them up if you are a fan of pumpkins :) then you can have pumpkin cake and muffins and pie al through winter :) Over here we have the local ones all the year round !

    Erin... yea...the name of the dish befits what is inside the pumpkin :)

    acookingmizer...thank was a great combo :) I too love kobocha !

    Biren...yea it is a delicious dish to serve for thanksgiving dinner :)

    Cher...:) yea the bigger the cavity the more stuffing we can put into the pumpkin :) Yumm !

    Lydnsey....yea, oneday, I may be visiting your State then we can meet up and have a cuppa hot coffee over muffins and chat about food and cookbooks :) must try this dish for thansgiving..I am sure your family would love this !

    Mary...thank you...I am encouraged by your kind words :) You will not regret making the pumpkin cinnamon rolls :)

    Cakelaw...thanks :) pumpkin is delicious in almost anything, cakes, rolls, bread and pie and muffins and cuppies :)

    Betsy...haha there are only two of us, so I use half a pumpkin and wrapped them in aluminium foil and it works just the same...taste good and I shall make this again for thanskgiving dinner :)

    Theresa....yesss yesss...I am glad I can interact with all the other Doristas around the world and cooking at the same time the same dish ! Yea...this dish serve well as a side for my roast pork ribs :) Slurp !

  30. Your pumpkin looks wonderful. I have not tried a Japanese pumpkin before...come to think of it I have not seen one here, but I am sure they are around.

  31. This one was delicious! We really enjoyed it as well and I am already looking forward to trying out some of Dorie's Bonne Idees. Those pork ribs looks darn tasty as well!

  32. Elaine....I think you may be able to find them at the Asian grocer. They are called Kobocha pumpkin

    Oneexpatslife....yea...I love it too and I am also looking forward to trying out some of Dorie's Bonne Idees :)

  33. Great choice for using a kabocha. They are my favourite too! So creamy and starchy and sweet. The pumpkin half looks great and it's a great option if carving the top off a pumpkin proves to be too much trouble.

  34. DessertByCandy....yea good choice to use kobocha and half would be just nice for two person for dinner :)


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