Monday, October 17, 2011

Pan Fried Organic Seaweed Tofu

I like to indulge in organic stuff once in a while. I frequent the organic shop quite often though because one of my colleague is very into organic food. So we will go together and for me it is just browsing through their shelves and see what they have that I really need and I will normally purchase some stuff back if they are not too pricey . I opened their chiller and found some organic tofu. I could not resist them for I  am a tofu person :)  I bought back 2 types - pumpkin tofu and seaweed tofu....ohhhh, I could finish a block of tofu by myself especially when I pan fried them and dipped with some Thai chilli word  HEAVENLY  !

The texture of the tofu is firm and nicely flavored with the seaweed . A block of this organic seaweed tofu measuring 4" X 2.5" X 1.5"  costs RM5 almost $2usd . You can either steam them and pour a thickened oyster sauce over them or pan fried them like I do with grapeseed oil. Crisps on the outside and soft on the inside. Dip them with any sauce of your choice, you will surely be captivated by their unique flavor. I don't really know what they have put into the tofu besides the seaweed but it was aroma when you pan fried them that will make you salivate. Tasty !  I have another block in the freezer - the pumpkin one still sitting in the container.  I will mostly probably stir fry them with some mushrooms and shrimps.

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Have a nice day !

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  1. they look like lor pak koh. do they have a soft texture like tau foo?

  2. Kranthi...yea they do;)

    Lena ...texture is like the firm tofu but nice flavor. Should try it. Any organic shop will have.

  3. I love tofu too and this seaweed tofu looks so good! Wow...pumpkin tofu! I am curious about the taste. I imagine it must be delicious!

  4. Biren...I am going to cook it soon and I will give you a review on it..and hopefully I can make my own pumpkin tofu oneday :)

  5. Yum!!! Funny, in the one photo it sort of looks like a grilled cheese sandwich. Hey! Grilled cheese tofu, that sounds good. : )

  6. Trix...that is a wonderful idea...grilled cheese tofu. I shall take take you on next tofu would be grilled cheese tofu :) Thanks for the idea :)

  7. Cheah...yup, organic tofu with seaweed and pumpkin are nice to eat. You must try them out. RM5 per piece


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