Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Lunch @ David's Diner

We decided to have my belated birthday lunch at David's Diner after Wild Boar got well from his flu' that was yesterday. Wild Boar got sick on my birthday which fell on 20th October, so the celebration was postponed till he was fully recovered...and to make up for it, Wild Boar gave us a treat to a Western lunch ( David'sDiner ) and  a Chinese dinner at ( Kok Thai Restaurant )....the Piggies and myself gave each other a  ' Five ' with our trotters :p  Momsie was given the day off from cooking :p  Today's post will be on our lunch at David' Diner.  We love western food, I think the best descriptione is..we love to eat no matter what cuisine it is...slurrp !   As usual we had some camwhoring time together before the food arrived fun !

I love it when we are together and food is not important but the fellowship with one another is ! :)   You can see how happy my Piggies are when there is food...I don't call them Piggies for nothing :p  Even Wild Boar looks happy though he still look a bit tired :)  The food here is good. I love the grilled Dory fish which was well flavored with spices . A bowl of salted mixed veggie salad with their own concoction of Thousand Island sauce came with the grilled fish set ..  The Sirloin Steak , according to Josh, was good...well marinated and grilled to perfection. Came with some mashed potatoes and curly fries...yummy...if I am not a less carbo diet I would have taken all his curly fries :p  Joanna was more into Mexican ...burritos with beef fillings came with some sides of  mashed beans and mexican fried rice with nachos. Wild Boar went for their bbq chicken that came with mushroom soup. Their buns were soft and yummy...dipped into their well flavored mushroom was good as homemade soup !  I would definitely dine there again !

father and son......

this is another Piggy who loves to eat and eat...see the smile LOL!  
Food is all that matters especially when the  food arrived at the table !

Grilled dory fish with roasted potatoes and 
mixed veggie comes with soup and bun
@ RM27.90 

Burritos with Beef was okay for me 
but the portion was too big for Jo

Sirloin Steak for Piggy Josh

bbq chicken with the strong smoked bbq sauce
@RM 25.90

I love their soft and fluffy buns...

the mushroom soup is good..unlike those canned ones

I love their Thousand Island sauce
their lettuce were fresh and crispy

sour cream and salsa sauce for Jo's Burritos

*          *          *


  1. Happy belated birthday, Elin! So happy you had a great time and great food!

  2. Glad your wild boar is better.

    Happy Belated Birthday. Food looks great

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to you, Elin :))

  4. happy belated birthday, elin!! hugs!!

  5. Elin, happy belated bday to u...Wish u the best
    GBU :)

  6. Ping...thank you so much..haha yea a fun filled day with all the laughter and good food :)

    Kathy...yea , thank God he is now bad to normal :)

    Ann...thank you :)

    Lena..thanks for the wishes and your hug is warm :) hug you back :))

    Alice...thank you so much :)

  7. What a nice post! It's nice to see you family and put faces to names.

    Happy Birthday!

  8. The food ! The food ! slurp slurp slurp !

  9. Ann...thanks :)))) yea at least you know who Wild Boar is and the Piggies :)

    Jo....the next time you are back , I will take you to St.Mikes :)) the food is awesome too !

  10. Hi Elin .. yeah, David's Diner still managed to attract the crowd, especially during lunch hours. And they're Halal to boot. A plus, given the rather lacklustre Halal cuisine scene in Ipoh.

  11. are you? yea David's Diner has her own regulars. For me , it has the american preparation which I like :) other than David's there is none that is really nice in Ipoh ! KL is different...more choices :)


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