Friday, July 22, 2011

Coconut Lemongrass Braised Pork - French Fridays With Dorie

Thank God It's Friday....:) is French Fridays With Dorie again !  Today's dish is Coconut-Lemongrass-Braised Pork and I managed to cook this to perfection.  The meat was tender and juicy and the braised sauce  was packed with flavors from the coconut milk, turmeric powder, coriander seeds, white pepper seeds, ground black pepper , sea salt , cardamoms and lemongrass.  Lovely dish and I will definitely cook this again when the Piggies are back for their break.  This will surely perk them up...something nice,  a french dish on my table:)

I do not own a dutch oven ( this is what I will like add to my kitchen ...a good one costs a bomb here) so I used a claypot instead to slowly braised the meat till tender before adding in the coconut turned out just as good as using a dutch oven to cook this dish.  I like it to have a more yellowish color to it so I added a wee bit more of the turmeric powder.

ingredients consists  pork butt ( you can use chicken if you like )
the spices used are turmeric powder, cardamoms, 
coriander seeds, white and black pepper, lemongrass and coconut milk

potatoes, carrots and red onions and
that is my favorite claypot.....:)

I added a bit more of the turmeric so it gives a 
more yellowish color to my braised dish :)

this can be taken with steamed basmati rice.....
or  asian flatbread or french bread
WB and myself took a big portion of rice
because it was so flavorful ....... YUM!!

Have a great weekend !

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  1. See the title also knows that it taste good... love the lemongrass smell and taste!

  2. Can freeze and courier to me ah? ....droooling jor

  3. Ooo... I'll try making this in a slow cooker.
    That's when I get some butt meat.

  4. Just had my laksa. Sure looks nice.

  5. Ooooo...the pork!!! Lemon grass... I think I would love this a lot! Yum!!!!

  6. Sigh! I love the looks and sound of this dish, down to each and every single ingredient. You did a marvelous job with it - I just wish I could also have a taste! 8-)

  7. Looks very delicious! I think I would even like them cooked in claypot more than in Dutch oven.

  8. Love the cake!
    Even over here, a good Dutch oven costs an arm and a leg. I had to salivate over one for a very long time before I was able to get one.

  9. think this is also quite asian dish, love this!

  10. This is the fourth version I've seen today. Looks fab. It looks so delicious. Yes, good idea serving it with rice.

  11. What a great pork dish, this looks delicious!! :)

  12. Your dish looks fantastic and so vibrantly yellow from the extra turmeric. I'm sure your Piggies will love it.

  13. Dutch ovens are so expensive. I use a roasting pan for most things, but for this recipe, I borrowed the dutch oven that belonged to my mother's mother. It was nice to be able to use that.

  14. Never thought of using my trusty clay pot - well done :) And I would have loved a slice of that cake !! Nana enjoyed this one more than I did but we both had fun - a typical FFWD.

  15. This was delicious. I wish my family would have allowed me to add in the coconut milk, but they're not very adventurous! :)

  16. I think I can smell the herbs and spices! Looks so yummy!

  17. Reana...hahaha yea it is a flavorful dish :)

    Christine...thanks for dropping by :) problem but it is easy to nid to drool here , cook it yourself and the satisfaction is greater :)

    Wendy...yea it can be prepared in a claypot or slow cooker :)

    Extreme Power....:) thanks for dropping by try this out. Great dish and I am sure your Missus will be delighted if you cook this for her..give her a surprise !

    Tangled Noodle...thanks :) do try this will love it :)

    Angie...haha yea, since I don't have one , I used the claypot and it turned out great too :) it really costs a bomb...wondering when I could own one :p

    Lena...haha french cooking do use spices like this :)

    Adora....yea..serve this with a plate of piping hot rice...lovely !

  18. Kelly...thanks ,it does and taste good too :)

    Adriana...I love the more yellowish did give it a vibrant look :)

    Lizzy...yea it goes well with rice too :)

    Sonia...hahaha please free to second helpings :)

    One wet nice to have a dutch oven for this dish and yours looks delicious !

    Tricia s...thanks for dropping by :)

    Kate...with the coconut milk it will taste better :) when are coming back to Singapore ?

  19. I love pork, and that sounds like some great flavors to add to it.

  20. I'm definitely gonna try this at somepoint. I LOVE lemongrass. And coconut as well! This is making me feel so hungry!


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