Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 29th Wedding Anniversary To WB & Me :)

29 years being together !!!! Wow ! another year we would have reach 30 years of being wedded to each other. Hopefully when the day come we are still together :p Of course, to spice up a marriage.. good homecooked food is one of the ingredients to stay happily married  ...LOL!  Just kidding, lots of understanding and being able to accept each other weaknesses is the most important ingredients in a marriage :)  And to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary yesterday, I whipped out something simple and yet delicious for Wild Boar and myself.  Baked a fluted loaf using Peter Reinhart's bread book and at the same time baked a heart shaped bread for WB to eat with the anniversary dinner. It was a good meal and we are cute ...aren't we ?  Hahaha...Elin is one crazy romantic person !    Happy 29th anniversary to Wild Boar...thanks for making our marriage life a good one by being there for the family at all times.  I am sure your Piggies are thankful they have been given a wonderful Dad !

Take a peek to see what I cooked for WB for our anniversary dinner :)  Yea.....something flavorful and scrumptious yet simple to prepare . We ate like we were so deprived of a good meal :p  " oinking away...............

I bought the deboned chicken legs from the wet market...a pair for RM8 since it was already deboned , took home marinaded them with just 2 tsp of light soy sauce and thick soy sauce and a dash of ground white pepper . Wrapped them in cling wrap and leave them to rest in the fridge until time to cook them. Meanwhile boiled the russet potatoes, one each and after which , roasted them with mixed herb and cayenne pepper and olive oil in the oven for 30 mins till aromatic.

Blanched the broccoli  florets in salt water and drained them dry. Arranged them on serving plate. Stacked the roasted potatoes on the broccoli.  Meanwhile, heat a non stick pan and stiry fry the fresh brown button mushroom slices with red onion rings . Sprinkle some mixed herbs on them, a dash of ground black pepper and before dishing up add in red wine vinegar , red wine and balsamic onto the mushrooms. Dish up and stacked them on the roasted potatoes.

Pan seared the marinated chicken leg until cooked, add in the marinade sauce which comprises of oyster sauce, black pepper, red wine and honey when about to dish up. Place the cooked chicken leg over the bed of goodness - mushrooms and roasted potatoes and broccoli.  Serve with a bowl of hot steaming radish soup and freshly baked heart shaped bread.  A wonderful homecooked meal for the two of us. And finished with a dessert...guess what ?   Yea the forbidden fruit - Durians ( the King Fruit of Malaysia ) !!!! at least it a forbidden fruit for me ! But took the excuse it was our anniversary a toast with this forbidden fruit :)

Oh by the way, thank you Piggy Cuz for these Piggy Momentos for the kids. I borrowed them and used them for my photography session :)  Aptly given :p  

Needless to say, we both had a wonderful meal at home!!!
and praying that we will be healthy and get to 
enjoy another blissful year together !

*          *         *


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Sorry, can't help shouting ... happy moments for happy people. How romantic ... just the 2 of you and homemade with so much love. You've got it made!

  2. Happy Anniversary and lots and lots of happy years to come... Next year 30th, any special celebration? Invite me, k? LOL!!!

  3. Oooo so sweet My Darling Piggy Elin is making me put on weight ... very romantic of her too ... Marriage is like a journey through calm and rough seas ... its knowing when a storm is coming and how to survive it hahaha.. thanks dear.
    Your Wild Boar

  4. Happy Anniversary...:) Wishing you lots and lots of happy years ahead!!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Wow, great meal for the 2 of you to 'yang toy kuek'. Yup, need lots of understanding and perserverence for a happy marriage, give a little and take a little!

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    ya...30th going to have a big party ka? or a trip aroud the world?

  7. Happy 29th Wedding Anniversary Elin! Love your cute post, hehehe! How nice to celebrate this big day at home with home cooked dishes and the heart shape bread look so cute! Wishing you and your Lo Kong Happy forever!

  8. hey.. this year I excused you both.. next year...
    Whatever... i wish you both patt tau toe loe, moon tei suin.... *wink*

  9. Happy Anniversary Elin! That anniversary chicken dish looks crazy good, and I love the heart-shaped bread!

    May you both have many more happy years together!

  10. Happy 29 Anniversary to you Elin and Wild Boar!! Wish both of you lots of romantic and happy years ahead :))

  11. Hey.......... I recognize those 2 piggy heads! Hahaha! Happy 29th Anniversary! I didn't know laaaaaaa! But I'm glad you had a wonderful celebration at home -- dinner looked yummy!

    Piggy Cuz

  12. Happy 29th Anniversary Elin and WB. Wish both of you lots of wonderful happy years ahead.

  13. Happy Anniversary and hope there are lots more to come!

  14. Happy happy anniversary mom and pops dearest !!! :)) Many many many more to come !!

    P.s : The piggies are uber cute !!! Like us !! :P :P Thank u thank u Aunty L !!!

  15. happy happy anniversary!! wishing you both never ending joy, happiness and love!!

  16. Happy Anniversary to you & your darling WB! How sweet of you. Wishing you both all the best & love forever.
    Enjoy your week ahead.
    Blessings, Kristy

  17. Happy Anniversary!
    May God bless you with many many more anniversaries to come.
    Next yr, big one??

  18. Happy Anniversary! Just a bit behind you by two years. Lovely meal and hope you play 'remember that meal we had'....!

  19. Happy anniversary to you and the WB!! Wow 29 years and still going strong, here's to many many more!
    What a delicious meal for your anniversary, it's nice to go out sometimes but why go out when you can make food better than the restaurants!

  20. Happy Anniversary to you and your Wild Boar! I wish you many more happy years together! The meal looked delicious - I would have stayed home for that, too! The pigs in the pic were priceless!

  21. Wild Boar and Momsie Elin would like to thank all of you for dropping by and celebrating with us our 29th wedding anniversary :)

    We love each and everyone of you who took the trouble to come celebrate with us :) and we look forward to another great year together. More good food , more understanding and more acceptance of our weaknesses !

    Thank you for your continuous support in coming here to take a peek at the food I shared here :)

    Have a great day and smile always ,
    WB & Elin


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